4 Replies to “Allen Gregory – My Breakthrough – Letter To Daegan Smith”

  1. I just noticed this. I didn’t even know that Daegan uploaded my video to his channel until just now. Thanks so much for that. Now that I’ve got all these good feelings from all these great people it just makes me want more. I think I’m getting addicted. And it’s a good addiction to have. Time for me to expand some more. Thanks for all your support everybody.

  2. putting your skillsets to work, we all have been marketing for a long long time, and we FAIL! but what most dont know is your failures are a product in itsself. Your journey is a product, your first sale is a product. Been optimistic about your failures and turning those failures into your success is what marketing is about. GREAt video.. 🙂

  3. This is an amazing video Allen ……. you are full of joy and excitement and so you have source energy flowing right through you. You are downloading from spirit sweet man !! 

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