All I Know About Work at Home Jobs I Learned From Laura Ingalls Wilder

All I Know About Work at Home Jobs I Learned From Laura Ingalls Wilder

Article by Scott Lindsay

What phrase may best represent the rugged determination of the old west? Self-reliance. Think about every western you’ve ever read or watched on TV. Think about history lessons in school. Think about Laura Ingalls Wilder. The individuals that settled the western frontier were hearty and resourceful. Even today in small towns across America individuals know neighbors or friends who are capable of making or fixing a broad range of products.

Sometimes these ‘self-reliant’ businesses never advertise if they only serve a local region. Because they may have a very positive reputation it may be counterproductive for them to advertise. Why? They already have enough work.

The notion of self-reliance was somewhat lost during the industrial revolution. During this time individuals simply became one cog in a mighty industrial wheel. They tossed aside the maverick spirit in favor of unions and a steady job. This, too, is part of our history and culture.

Today there are many workers who long for some self-determination. They are tired of having to submit forms for time off a month or more in advance or plan their vacations around their boss and coworkers. They are tired of getting dirty looks when they need to pick up their child from school because they are sick. They tire of the inflexibility of the hours in which they work. They are tired of being tired.

And just like adventurers back in the 1800’s there are those in their reflective glass high-rise offices who are looking for an experience that may be less refined, but infinitely more satisfying in a place closer to the familiar, apart from the industrial and in keeping with a better life.

Pioneers loaded wagons in Independence, Missouri and they left certain creature comforts behind for a time in order to get to an all-new promised land. Some did not survive the trip, other struggled mightily, but in the end the west was settled and many strong-willed men and women found a reshaped life that was indeed satisfying.

Work at home opportunities are in so many ways like the pioneers of the past. These men and women are willing to strike out on their own and brave the unfamiliar and difficult in order to find a place where things like family may take on a more profoundly fulfilling role, where personal choice trumps executive order and where customer relations are the best part of network marketing.

I’m not sure how easy it might be for you to envision Laura Ingalls Wilder, her parents and siblings as a poster family for work at home opportunities, but think back to either the reading of her books or watching the television series. See if some of the situations found there may help you understand the hardship and joy of working at home.

Laura never couched her books as a lament over a life left behind in the east. They were stories where confidence was steeled against hard times and the end result was a glorious love affair with a new lifestyle that may just encourage 21st century entrepreneurs.

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