Alicia Brown 2014 Softball Skills/Recruiting Video

Thank you for watching Alicia Brown’s softball skills/recruiting video. Alicia will be graduating from Glendora High School in the Spring of 2014. She is a v…

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  1. Ashley Acevedo says:

    im 15 years old and ive always wanted to play softball … would it be a
    waste of my time to join a league now ? 

  2. Ashlyn Drollinger says:

    What kind of bat do you use?

  3. Brittney Chavez says:

    You show nothing but hard work and passion for the game i am too a softball
    player just wanted to say what an awesome hardworking player you are

  4. McKenna Johnson says:

    Omg ur so good

  5. Ashlyn Drollinger says:

    You are suchnan inspriation to me. what kind of workouts did you do?(if
    you’ve done any). I really want to be in college and seeing your skills I
    beileve you can help me. What training have you done with your bat, and
    what throwing drills do you do?? Thank you (:

  6. Alicia Brown says:

    Hey Ashlyn, the bat I used in this video was the 2009 Easton Stealth
    CNT (they don’t make that bat anymore). That bat had some good pop! Now,
    I use the Xeno (broke the Stealth).

  7. shelly zay says:

    I’m an incoming junior and wow watching this video makes me wan to join
    softball. It gave me the chills, your skills are amazing. You are really
    good and I wish you the best in your softball career Alicia. 

  8. Duke Standberry says:

    Loved talking to you Paul, what a brilliant way to highlight her
    personality because that really puts them out there……..LOVE IT

  9. Gigi Neill says:

    I wish I could I meant u im 13 and play travel and u are a great
    inspiration to me not bragging but I’m a good batter too I have medal for
    it I remember that day! Your parents must be proud

  10. Cynthia Gutierrez says:

    I would love to try this sport out.. It’s my senior year of high school but
    I’ve NEVER played. My friends are all for it and they’re supportive, three
    of them have been playing for a while and told me they’d help me out. But
    I’m intimidated. Should I still try?? 

  11. holly tony says:

    I think I’ve watched this vid 3 times!

  12. Skylar Jenkins says:

    Are you playing in college?

  13. Kaytlin Greenwood says:

    how good can this girl get?? Great softball player!

  14. Sophia Sippola says:

    That video is some inspiration to me because I am a softball player so jut
    knowing that if you can do it then I can

  15. Ashton Dufresne says:

    Have you ever gone to Pat Colson

  16. moscos6 says:

    There are a lot of softball recruiting vids on youtube but this one jumps
    off the page…college ready swing

  17. Kiana Anderson says:

    @cynthia i think u should try it but practice alot it would really.help

  18. Ashlyn Drollinger says:

    Such an*

  19. Joey Garcia says:

    Great video and great player.

  20. andryana debartelo says:

    When she missed that tag >

  21. Saya Swain says:

    Your good keep up the good work :-)

  22. faith says:

    Amazing just amazing

  23. lasallegreenhills says:

    2:54-2:58 Amazing


    Man she good

  25. Austin Mann says:

    you are one hell of a player

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