Ali Ataie Vs David Wood – Who Was Muhammad? [Full]

David Wood Debates Ali Ataie on “Who Was Muhammad?” ﷺ David Wood features on many Christian videos on the Acts17Apologetics channel and is known to throw out…
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  1. Islam Explained says:

    I sincerely ask our Christian commenters to act Christian and “show” some
    love? We hear a lot about love in your preaching but your comments seem
    void of it? Yes in your view David Wood won, since he is “Christian” we get
    that part but please be nice…I’m sure we can all judge the reality of
    this debate. I don’t even need to say who won…I’m just saying.

    Please folks be sincere and nice, I don’t go around being harsh on videos
    posted by Christians?

  2. vir aurelianus says:

    1:39:00 lol ataia doesn’t even know what he’s talking about and he invents
    a response right in the moment, what a lack of intellectual honesty 

  3. spankula123 says:

    I’ve seen these debates before, one live. The goal of the muslim it not to
    win, but to draw just 1-2 lost, misguided, lonely person into islam using
    clever arguing, obscure references and especially controversial passages
    from the Bible.

  4. Justin Thomas says:

    Jesus’ (Yeshua) name is actually prophecies in Zachariah 6:12. Ali also
    disappointed me when he was dishonest and misquoted Jesus’ parables in
    Luke. Also there’s a reason why we never have to worry about a Jewish
    “ISIS”; the Old Testament (3,000 odd years ago btw) is nowhere as bad as
    Islamic sources/the Quran (that happened 600 years way after Jesus’
    teachings of love). Comparing Islam with the Torah isn’t even rational.

  5. zaka moto says:

    David was wishing he’d gone to a picnic instead. I actually thought he was
    gay. That would have explained a lot about him. Twenty years ago atheism
    was not a religion so it was not something to converted from. You simply
    became a Christian. I have never regarded him as anything short of an
    avowed enemy of Islam. Not even an apologist. His mother should apologize
    for giving birth to him. I would like to think he adopted his extreme
    hatred of Islam as an atheist, not as a Christian. At least then I can
    continue to think well of Christians. But David is a double edged sword. He
    argues for both atheism and Christianity. So he also provides entertainment
    for Satan. It is fair to say he lost for Jesus but won for Satan. That’s
    what I call religious anarchy. 

  6. Ohio216 says:

    Why didn’t he drink the poison ??

  7. andy gerard says:

    “Who Was Muhammad?”
    I found it interesting that the Muslim in this debate spent more time
    attacking the Bible than on the topic . Clear evidence that the follower of
    Islam is Demon possessed ! 

  8. AntonBatey says:

    I have watched several of David Wood’s debates and has has indeed
    steamrolled over the Muslims he debated. Except this one.

  9. John Doe says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion it is pointless to debate Muslims,simply pass
    on the good news,that Jesus is the son of God,who put on human flesh,shed
    his blood on the cross for the remission of sin,died and rose from the
    dead,and if we confess our sins and repent, and believe in the work of
    salvation performed by Jesus the Christ, we can be saved from the Judgement
    to come.Leave conviction to the Holy Spirit.

  10. The Liquidator says:

    David Wood wins almost by default. No Muslim can ever make up a sensible
    argument to defend the despicable and inexplicable teachings and practices
    of Muhammad. 

  11. Chad Daniels says:

    Surprised David Wood was not executed for his beliefs…

  12. Andrea S says:

    Poor Ali, he did exactly what David warned he would do: The tu quoque

  13. Mike jones says:

    Dear christians you should know that muslims do like you and think highly
    of you, yes we have differences and disagree on things but non the less we
    have respect for you and the quran teaches that, Quran 5:82 and you will
    find the nearest in love to the believers (Muslims) those who say: “We are
    Christians.” because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who
    have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant. 

  14. R Hannosh says:

    Islam its not a relegin its a party of crime and shayateen its very bad
    party ??? Islam clasping soon or later , that’s Mr Ali he knows Islam its
    not true … Islam its Isis this true Islam their is no such think they not
    Islam ? What are they christian or Jews or Hindus… others Islam fullse,
    and evil??? Which up to you to believed Islam . That’s men you have to join
    Isis . This what you won’t to be a criminal good lack

  15. JellyJelly says:

    Ali totally won the debate

    Wood could not answer Ali on why is there so much violence in the old
    testament because Woods entire argument against Islam is that Muhammad was
    a violent man.

    Total whitewash 

  16. Dio Rex says:

    Ali Ataie is funny Mohammad only killed about 1500! Lol
    Yes buddy maybe so but his religion has killed approx 270 million people
    since it began 1400 years ago and it still going strong!

  17. vir aurelianus says:

    wood won, i say it as an atheist. ataia did nothing but lie all the time.
    here some proofs:

    1) he said that the things said by wood are what ENEMIES of mohammed said.
    what? those are official islamic sources, wrote by mohammed’s companions.

    2) jews of medina gave him power because they knew his high stardard
    morals. WHAT? those jews were killed by mohammed. LIAR

    3) his enemies became muslims only once mohammed formed an army by stealing
    meccans’ money, so they had no escape anymore. LIAR

    4) he said it’s forbidden to kill people who sleep. LIAR

    here proof: “The Prophet passed by me at a place called Al-Abwa or Waddan,
    and was asked whether it was permissible to attack the pagan warriors at
    night with the probability of exposing their women and children to danger.
    The Prophet replied, “They (i.e. women and children) are from them (i.e.
    Sahih Bukhari 4:52:256

  18. Beston Ab says:

    lmfao…..David Wood got *OWNED* here

  19. Logan Altair says:

    Ali did a very good job at defending the Prophet Muhammed(SAW). All of
    Davids allegations were refuted by Ali referring to similar or even worse
    instances with in the Bible. It is nice to see Christians defend their
    faith as it shows they are sincere in their faith. 

  20. Justin Thomas says:

    I saw all the comments saying Ali did so well, but honestly, I’m not
    impressed. All he has was opinions, and he also was very superficial in his

  21. asem hawari says:

    david wood is definitely not on the level to debate on an intellectual
    level or academic level

  22. rowena tanglao gabinera says:

    I am appalled to hear tthat Ali claimed the prophecies about the Messiah to
    be mohammed. Nowhere in the Bible that I have read the name mohammed.
    Mohammed is a muslim name not a Hebrew name . Ali was not able to proved
    that Mohammed is a prophet from Quran . He keep quoting verses from the
    Bible in which Muslims claim the Bible is not reliable because it has been
    translated many time therefore it is corrupt.. What on earth is Ali
    thinking. He himself is contradicting his own faith and belief. God’s
    prophets are all Hebrews. If mohammed is a prophet I want to know what are
    his prophecies and which one had already been fulfilled.
    Can any muslims tell me please. 

  23. Illyrian Warrior says:

    Why does the Christians always lie in debates?

  24. arish2k1 says:

    Ali “he loved children” Yes ali we know he did *cough aisha cough*

  25. syed ali says:

    One of the biggest lie of DAVID WOOD??
    HE said , he found out AFTER LOTS OF RESEARCH that Its not Mohammad in
    bible in hebrew but its MEMED!
    So i dont know what type if research he did, because he didnt found out the
    main problem which is Arabic , hebrew and Aramaic is far different from
    You says Adam as Adaem we say AA(!)dum. 

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