Al Golden Talking On Miami 2013 Recruiting Class On ESPNU.mp4

Al Golden Speaks On 2013 recruiting class on ESPN. Its All About The U & The Tie. Just a matter of time before the ‘6 Ring’. http://i225.photobucket.com/albu…

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  1. tp802 says:


  2. fdsaads says:

    I stand with the U

  3. abk06c says:

    he looks like he’s about to lose it.

  4. westfinest20 says:

    Any word on that juco dt?

  5. Nick West says:

    Desperately need DTs and did not get a single one!

  6. Nick West says:

    Heartbreaking class…

  7. stax9431 says:


  8. MrGabe305 says:

    Seems heartbroken about 6

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