AIR Magnetic attraction repeling 2012

Peter Stevens Atmospheric Ionization Research shows magnetic fields discusses Dr Walter Russell’s Wonderful science
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  1. honda4004 says:

    pete you ought to research john worrel keely 1890 before those other experts even tesla . if you know of him fair enough.he states kidney shape for vortex water electrons to microwave frequency by resonating spin to your funnel type but smaller

  2. ZeroSixtyFive says:

    Thx, just read your post.
    You think Ed used sound to move those rocks?
    Are there any tools left at the coral castle that indicates sound technology was used?
    I feel there are many ways of levitating huge objects with very little effort.

  3. haeresy says:

    Read that posted thread link, as I explain it in alot more detail.

  4. ZeroSixtyFive says:

    Sounds logical to meh, thx.

  5. haeresy says:

    I believe that Ed used reverse resonance. So in other words, he knew the resonant values of the rock and the surrounding earth and ‘played it backwards’ i.e. reflected the sound/frequency back onto itself. This was also mentioned by Hakim, an egyptian elder of Kemet who stated that the schist disc created a resonant sound which was then reflected back onto it’s self.

    abovetopsecret com/forum/thread376443/pg5#pid11709398

  6. ZeroSixtyFive says:

    Maybe this is how Ed Leedskalnin moved those giant rocks, or with similar methods to Walter Russell’s.

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