[#AhaNH Summit] Social Media in Strange Places, by Walter Elly

Recorded at the 2011 “A-Ha!” NH Social Media Business Summit, this visionary information is presented by Walter Elly, consultant with V2 Strategic Advisors; former senior director of emerging technology at MicroArts Creative Agency; Co-director of Foursquare Day and co-founder of Portsmouth Foursquare. Walter talks about what’s no longer strange in social media, shares countless tools and resources, and looks at two promising frontiers where social media is bound to bloom. [Video by Dan Freund (@MyFriendDan), digital content creator and messaging strategist, online at myfrienddan.com] ************************* PRESENTATION SUMMARY So, what is “strange?” Turns out it’s all relative. For example, shopping online – ex. Amazon.com, a social site in its own right – is no longer strange, but certainly was a decade ago. Sharing photos, watching videos online, certainly not strange anymore. Social networking is the #1 time-spent activity online. In fact, Facebook has 800+ million users. These days, it’s strange NOT to be on Facebook. That’s the point. Because of that, some opportunities to go into social media that didn’t exist before are now becoming mainstream. Which begs the question: What’s next? What else is becoming NOT so strange? – Sharing your every thought on Twitter – Biz networking on LinkedIn BEFORE connecting in person – Online, location-based coupons, a la Groupon – Biz recommendations for brick-n-mortar stores, a la Yelp – Listening to music socially, a la Spotify
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