“Ah Song” performed by Rachel Cash

A “song” with no words – a bit of a mood piece – it felt like lyrics would detract..or maybe I just couldn’t think of appropriate words. I am intrigued by th…
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  1. Rutle says:

    This is so beautiful very haunting lovely playing too.

  2. Karen Anderson says:

    Soooooooo happy to find this here and soooooooooo happy I saw it performed live.. Well done ladies.. :) x

  3. chuxtrux says:

    hi ann and rachel. what a unique experiment, that actually works because of the talents of the performers. most of us couldn’t succeed like this, but it was a fun listen and inspiring. thanks ann for rachel’s link. pleased to sub. peace and love, chuck.

  4. JEFF RAUSCHL says:

    Very nce indeed. Moving in its simplicity. I like the “spotlight” view of the filming too.She sings like a human flute.

  5. viveca lundberg says:

    Very beautiful Ann! And my compliments to the talented singer and flute player.

  6. onewomanandsomesongs says:

    Wow, this is beautiful Ann and Rachel!  Such a relaxing, peaceful listen. I enjoyed it very much. 🙂 Janet

  7. PatrickGMoran says:

    Always given us a new treat Ann…do very well performed…most enjoyable.

  8. sidtypical says:

    Wow – this is gorgeous ! It definitely has that soundtrack feel, but stands up as a single piece. A great performance from both you and Rachel. This one faved.
    Have a great Christmas Ann.

  9. Joseph Crowell says:

    Very nice darl’n, and hey! have a great Xmas and all the best to you for the new year.

  10. eatonjohnrobert says:

    Great feel to this Ann. The first time you sang during the song it was very hard to hear your voice. But later in the video when you sang again it was a little better. I wish your mic for the vocal was a little brighter though. I think hearing as much of your voice as hers would have been really awesome.

  11. Aislinn Sharp says:

    Well done Ann, Rachel, & Chris on your performance at Sounds Original! You did great putting this piece together in one week. Can’t wait to see/hear future collaborations :o)

  12. Karl Mahlmann says:

    A wonderful song. And hats off to Rachel. I once purchased some chromatic scales of female “aahs” and “ooos” from Sony that were not nearly as clear and beautiful as what I’m hearing here. A very Merry Christmas to you both. – Karl

  13. Ann Leung says:

    @VerusiunctiO thanks Mikey.all the best to you.

  14. Ann Leung says:

    @profwaldo ok if you say so prof. I still havent seen that movie. maybe it’ll get picked up for the sequel! or maybe itd be good backing to a turkey documentary.

  15. Ann Leung says:

    @1952banjo thanks Virginia. glad for that!

  16. Ann Leung says:

    @babs4TLove smiles to you Babs. good to see you here…yes the flute added so much…& puts ideas into my head for recording it in a studio sometime.

  17. profwaldo says:

    This is Absolutely Beautiful… I LOVE It !!!!!
    This coulda’/shoulda’ been in Lord The Rings !

  18. babs4TLove says:

    Beautiful, Ann! I love the concept of a “song with no words”. It works! The flute is magnificent. A wonderful composition, my friend! All the best! <3 Babs

  19. 1952banjo says:

    Really nice !! enjoyed very much ! :)

  20. Ann Leung says:

    @Haycroft2 thanks Paul…thrill to have Rachel perform it

  21. Ann Leung says:

    @Zsolto66 thanks Zsolt….just a mood piece.

  22. Ann Leung says:

    @Jim Horne & to you Jim Thanlyou.

  23. Ann Leung says:

    @TUCKERZONE thanks Nidge!

  24. Ann Leung says:

    @julanenova thanks for your feedback julane…interesting ..it all affects us in different ways. i envis.age a choir of angels on it…maybe its a funeral piece.!

  25. Ann Leung says:

    @MEDOM3167 Hiho Mart thanks – big joy of the season to you….

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