After Art? A lecture by David Wood

“Hegel famously judged art to be a thing of the past. Is that verdict still justified? Do we not need art more than ever today?” David Wood, Centennial Profe…
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  1. Ellethekitty dot ca says:

    this was an interesting lecture….

  2. Elizabeth Novoa says:

    warhol was a symbol of his time, superficial and mass produced and
    thoughtlessly accepted. It was the art that had to be made at that specific

  3. Rexicano says:

    Van Gogh, passionate and real….Warhol, charlatan salesman of other
    people’s images, mass produced like any other factory product.

  4. Rexicano says:

    Had to be made? What was made was money. Art became big business and
    America loves any art with a big price tag.

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