Affiliate Programs, How To Build Your Downline`s Into The 1000`s

Affiliate Programs, How To Build Your Downline`s Into The 1000`s

Article by Chris Peterson

Affiliate Programs, How To Build Your Downline`s Into The 1000`s

I get asked this question alot, “Chris, How do you grow large downlines, It`s quite simple actually, first thing is, you must clear your mind, of all of that B.S, that the Internet Marketing Guru`s have taught you!These guy`s have beenaround for years, long before you and I, had ever heard of affiliate program`s like SFI! When they started learning Network Marketing, there was far lesscompetition on the internet!

Watch Out! Guru`s Are Everywhere….AAAARRRGHH!These “self proclaimed gurus”, having built there downlines, have now moved on,to bigger and better thing`s! Like Source Code Blowout`s!!! Fire sales!!! CompleteMarketing Disk Set`s and the old stand by: Joint Ventures

See Joint Venture Details below ” Hey subscriber, I`ve just gotten back from a Marketing Convention and I ran into >BLA-BLA-BLA<“, He`s about to release the most “Explosive Money-Making Scam on the Internet” and I`ve arranged a deal to offer it to you first, my valued subscriber for only 9,if you are one of the 100 who act`s the fastest!! Whooop Dee Dooo, I say!

Here`s My PointAsk a Guru ” How do I sponsor people into my Affiliate Program ” and they`ll answer you with a “If you just buy my New Ebook or Disk Series, all of my secret marketing strategies will be revealed!”I just wanted a little help for “cripes sakes”, not to give you more of my %%$ #@@ money, You Greedy @$ #^!@!!Forget all the BS, that they are feeding you!To build your downlines deep, you have to totally redirect your marketing strategies! And I will tell you how it is done!

Please Don`t Click, You`ll Get Blister`sLook, you want to build your downline with active marketers, but it`snever easy! Before, I tell you the right way, I am going to tell you, what willnot work! The Traffic Exchanges!As you read that, your were probably saying to yourself “He`s Nuts!!! I`ve sponsored 4 people into my my affiliateprogram, by just surfing for Free everyday”.

I didn`t say, that you would not get a few signup`s this way.”I said,to build a strong downline, into the hundred`s or even 1000`s, clicking allday, in the Traffic Exchanges will never get you there!

The 20/80 RuleHmm, sound`s kind of interesting.The 20/80 rule simply means this “Only20% of your downline,will do 80% of the work, of building your network inany affiliate program you belong to.The other 80% of people in your downline,will do very little, if anything ever! Do you want to find the 20% of marketers out there, to join your downline, or the 80% who are clicking away on the trafficexchanges! Yes, you will take the opposite of what the Guru`s taught you,and concentrate only, on getting the 20%, to join your affiliate program!Do you follow, what I am telling you! If you are clicking away for hours, you`llnever find those 20% of marketers there!

They Are Masters Of Their CraftHow is that you ask? Because, those 20% are true, die hard marketers, who know how, to sell!They are “The Movers and Shakers”, that can literally, build your downline for you, into the 1000`s, witout any effort on your part!

If you contact them, they will comeI figured this out, along time ago! If you focus all of your Time, Energy and Investments, on getting these “20 Percenters” to join any affiliate program that you promote, you will make money and lot`s of it!These 20% are the “Kick @#@#, Take No Prisoners, type of Marketers, thatyou want in your downline!

Perfect ExampleIf you have been marketing, in any mlm or affiliate program out there, you`ve definatelyheard of “The Rich Jerk”. Since his ebook came out, my Empowerism Downline has grown, by about 250 extra member! And it`s growing on “Autopilot”everyday! I don`t have to do anything! How is that you ask? Because, he is in my downline and he is, one of those 20% Marketers! Not only, does my downline grow daily, but, my income does as well! And, I don`t have to lift a finger for this to happen!The “20 Percenters” make it happen for you!Now, you see why, you must focus all of your energies, on finding those 20% of all affiliates out there!

Sound`s Great Chris, But, How I Actually Do That?It`s simple! Set up an Autoresponder, Fill it with Pre-Written sales letters,that encourage these prospects, to join your affiliate program ( Your Affiliate Program,does offer these right? If not, check out the”Top Pick” at my site for Affiliate Programs,- -because they do).

Next, start investing in network marketing Genealogy Leads and start “plugging theminto your Autoresponder! Let your follow-up letters, do their work! Remember, it only takes 1 or 2 marketers in your downline, to build your network into the 1000`s! Seriously!These leads, can be found with a simple Google search!

What the He!! are Genealogy leads you askThese are network marketers, that belong to other MLM and Affiliate Programs, and these are active marketers! Don`t think, that you will grab hundreds of them and hordethem into your downline.These people, are not “Newbies”, Remember the goal at first,should be, just to get a couple of these Marketers to join your Affiliate Program!

And Last, But Not Least”The Extra, Incredible Whammy”, Look under Network Marketer Genealogy Leadson Google and you will find various call scripts, that are Pre-Written! Grab one, thatyou think is good, and adapt the script to your Affiliate Program!

Because, The best way, to get these 20% Marketers into your Affiliate Program,is to call them! Yes, I know, You don`t feel comfortable talking on the phoneto promote your opportunity! “Well….Get Over It”!!!!

How do you think…20% Marketers get it done!They don`t rely on Autorespondersand websites alone!Call these leads and introduce yourself and your affiliate program, utilize the phone script.They will be more receptive to you, this way!

Remember, It honestly takes only 1 or 2 of these people in your downline, to build it for you “On AutoPilot”!This, is how you build, your downline, into the 1000`s!

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