Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Goes Live

Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Goes Live

Article by Michail Fortione

Affiliate Classroom has processed a new version of its training center. Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is for such people, to hold their hands and guide them to success in easy-to-follow steps. Anik Singal and Lurn Inc. has created a proven training system that shows you how to be an affiliate marketer and build an online business that lasts. This is excellent for beginners and will give you the step by step attention you need. ” Anik, Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is the best solution I have seen for the problem of affiliates making no or little money. Joining Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is simply a investment for your 10 day trial period.

Who is Anik Singal?

The person behind Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is Anik Singal – I consider Anik one of the leading affiliate marketing voices in the world. Anik has created the industry’s leading repository of information about affiliate marketing. The affiliate classroom 2.0 may be the perfect resource for newcomers to affiliate marketing. However, Anik Singal, the CEO of Affiliate Classroom has changed the name of his company to Lurn Inc, and has been picked a one of the fastest growing companies in America. Lurn Inc. is picking up where they left off with his own take on the Affiliate Manager Boot Camp. A 23 year old whiz kid named Anik Singal who stumbled along for 3 years, living under the Internet marketing lies, until he figured out a formula. One day a friend of Anik’s (who was twice his age) begged him to explain how he had figured out how to succeed online. The company will continue using the name “Affiliate Classroom” to brand its online affiliate training course.

What Can I Expect From Affiliate Training?

Singal is also the master of affiliate training consultation. AC’s hallmarks are the signature Step by Step Training Sytem, exclusive affiliate marketing educational content, and a community of expert consulting faculty and online entrepreneurs at all levels of experience. Affiliate Classroom is the place to go if you want to learn how to sell other peoples’ products for profit. There’s no need to create your own product.

The company provides up-to-date training materials for affiliate marketers to help them attract site traffic and increase conversions. Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is an even simpler training program, new resources and new tools for their students. This is not an ebook and they are not selling “fluff” like so many other training programs. Average affiliate reports 11-40% increase in sales after well over 2 years of successfully training affiliate marketers. He also teaches affiliates how to build a large opt-in list for e-newsletters.

So What Do You Get with Affiliate Classroom 2.0 ?

It gets you 10 days of unlimited access to the Affiliate Classroom’s 2.0 membership, where you can see the step-by-step system, read the case studies, see all the reviews, even use the forums to see what other member’s think of the service. During this period students are free to use all facilities and resources, download as much as they like and if they so desire can even cancel the membership. The Affiliate Classroom is a complete marketing membership site equipped with all the bells and whistles and every marketing tool you can imagine. Of course, after the 10 days, you can still cancel your membership and incur absolutely no further billing.

If you want to visit the official website click here: http://internetaffiliateclassroom2.com/saysgoget/AffiliateClassroom2.0.php

Oh by the way, I’m not only writing about Affiliate Classroom 2.0, I’m also a member.

About the Author

I’m Mike Fortione an affiliate marketer, 99% of the products I promote I use personally to make my business more successful. I have joined Affiliate Classroom 2.0 to take my business to the next level, check out this exciting affiliate training model. To take your internet business to the next level Click Here: http://internetaffiliateclassroom2.com/saysgoget/AffiliateClassroom2.0.phpmike@internetaffiliateclassroom2.com

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