ADHD Recommendations to Help Your Child Feel & Behave Better & Do Well in School

ADHD Recommendations to Help Your Child Feel & Behave Better & Do Well in School

Article by Laura Ramirez

Looking for some good ADHD recommendations that will help your child get back on track? It can be heartbreaking to watch your child struggle with ADHD symptoms, so make sure to read this article. In it, you will learn some simple, practical suggestions that will help calm your child and produce the mental power to curb inappropriate impulses, pay attention and stay on task.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is believed to have a number of possible causes. Whenever you are dealing with a disorder that is influenced by genetic, and environmental factors, the best course of action is to build brain health. This is important because the braingoverns the emotions, behavior, impulse control, and the mental state. The best way to build brain health and undo damage caused by hyperactivity and agitation is through a nutritional approach.

Most recommendations for ADHD include good nutrition and exercise. Of course a child with ADHD needs extra help and this is where supplements or drugs come in. If you decide to give your child drugs, here are some things you need to know First, all drugs have side effects. If your child is sensitive to the side effects, drugs will make your child’s symptoms worse and may introduce new problems. Second, drugs do not heal ADHD, instead, they just suppress the symptoms.

This is why a growing number of parents around the world are giving their children natural supplements instead. Unlike drugs, these supplement actually feed the brain with the nutrients it is starving for. These nutrients come from natural herbs that increase focus, calm the nervous system and lift mood so the child can behave better, concentrate, stay on task and learn from his experiences. Best of all when you are following natural ADHD recommendations, you can do so with confidence because these remedies have no side effects or long term implications.

In terms of nutrition, the most effective recommendations for ADHD include eliminating junk food, sodas and any food that is not natural or that is high in sugar. This is because the chemicals, unhealthy fats and excess sugar and caffeine in processed foods can worsen the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Of course, much more important than this is the fact that not only due these foods contain no nutrients, they can ingredients that are dangerous to heart and brain health.

The last tip is to make sure your child gets regular exercise. Exercise is essential to health because it relieves emotional stress and rejuvenates the body. It also provides an acceptable outlet for high energy and hyperactivity. Get your child involved in some daily activity or even organized sports for best results.

Although you may think that these ADHD recommendations seem rather basic, it is usually the simple changes in life that have the most profound effect and are the easiest to put into action and make part of a daily routine for health and wellness. Help your child make these changes and in addition to relieving the symptoms of this disorder, you will also be giving your child the tools to lead a happy, healthy and productive life.

About the Author

Laura Ramirez researches natural treatments for ADHD. Browse her findings by going to www.treating-adhd-naturally.com.

She is also the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which shows parents how to raise children to bring out their natural strengths and talents.

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