Ad.ly CEO Arnie Gullov-Singh on the Social Era of Celebrity Endorsements

Brian Solis talks with Arnie Gullov-Singh, CEO of Ad.ly. Arnie was previously an EVP at New Corp’s Fox Audience Network and Fox Interactive Media. He was recognized by iMedia in 2009 as a top 25 innovator in online marketing. Filmed at Revision3 in San Francisco. www.briansolis.com www.twitter.com

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  1. MrJfairbro says:

    The the great thing about Twitter and celebrities tweeting about products is that the celebrities are more likely to be a little more selective in the products they endorse. Maybe this is due to the fact that for some celebs twitter is an extension of their persona and therefor they would never want to endorse a product they didn’t actually believe in.

  2. SocialMediaNZ says:

    Awesome video there Brian, keep those valuable video coming, enjoying the 2nd season so far

  3. marigringa says:

    I am torn on ad.ly. On one hand, I think it’s a needed service. Celebrities make great spokespeople it’s a part of their role. But on the other hand we’re going to reach a point where it’s not as acceptable and celebrities will have to more selective.

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