ACN Opportunity (ACN Secret Revealed) learn the truth NOW!!

acn reps go here: LazyLeads.magneticsponsoringonline.com Some people may not be getting the message so I’ve decided to create mini commercials that will get you thinking about the way you run your MLM business. I want you to make a decision to be the best network marketer you can be or a LOSER who will eventually blame your failures on a business model. I hear a lot of people attacking multi level marketing but not a lot of people really questioning why. Why are so many people failing? Why are so many families destroyed because of mlm? Well the truth is……It’s not the MLM business, it’s the person. Every business model has its failures. 95% of ALL businesses fail. Did you hear me? 95% of all businesses fail. Not just network marketing. Including regular franchises (heard about crispy cream in Canada, which went down faster then the titanic) You decide your future successes. Learn from the best in the industry, listen to leaders like Mike Dillard, Dennis Karganilla, Jonathan Budd, Gregory Drake, Gospel Jackson, brian fanale, ty tribble, danni Johnson, and Ronnie Branch ). Don’t jump into this industry unaware to the dangers and myths. Learn everything you can. Why because a person walking around with a blind fold can’t walk a straight line. And the fastest way to achieving your goals is by going straight for what you want. MLM is not the bad guy it’s your lack of knowledge. Hit this link to begin your journey down the path to success: LazyLeads.magneticsponsoringonline
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  1. whatevvadude says:

    @sonnybzero: Well I don’t know you in perosn so I can’t say anything about you. But, it’s really a characteristic of people who criticize MLMs and you all have one thing in common; 1) They have no plan that would set them financially free
    2) They are broke. 3) They have an “Employee” mentality and want to be working for someone for the rest of their lives. 4) They might have been involved in some MLM, but never did a thing and want to blame everybody else but themselves for not taking action.

  2. sonnybzero says:

    The data is in. MLM is inherently flawed, uneconomic, and fraudulent and backed
    up by facts on MLM’s Smoking Guns at:
    mlm-thetruth(dot)com(forward slash)MLMsSmokingGuns
    Before becoming involved with ANY MLM read the whole page at this link.
    It’s long but it will save you money and disappointment in the long run.

  3. jacopman says:

    Complete bunk………

    Folks…anytime you have a “business opportunity”…..that does not gives you an exclusive defined business vertical and/or a geographic territory in which to market those products then you are setting yourself up to saturate the market with distributors and reps……………..

    Its a finely controlled scam…………

  4. PeaceChannel711 says:

    Thank you! :)

  5. safelovegirl says:

    your right why would we pay $500 they did not give me 6000 check! cheater

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