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Your subscriptions, ratings, and comments are appreciated. Extracted from the Abraham Hicks workshop : Boston, MA – 9/25/10. All recorded and printed Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Jerry and Esther Hicks. For more information on Abraham, Esther & Jerry Hicks please go to their website: www.abraham-hicks.com Come say HI! to me on Facebook if you love Abraham as much as I do – http
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  1. Ac099200 says:

    Thank you for uploading! Very enjoyable.. Xoxo love and blessings, anne

  2. kathienichols says:

    Perfect timing for me….thanks so much!

  3. JhonathanFree says:

    Thank You for this. I am grateful.

  4. jb7mil says:

    I’m grateful to all of you Abe Sharers for your time, creativity, and generosity in sharing these recordings with us for FREE!! I love that you each vibrate with and put together a unique title, unique visuals, sometimes even unique background music to accompany the Abraham message… The beauty is that whether I’m hearing the same message again, or I discover something new and fresh in the message, I always find it’s “perfect” for what I was wanting or needing. Keep em coming! 🙂

  5. ejshames says:

    Thank you sooo much for this one!! Loving all the messages spoken in it!!

  6. Aarusha Appreciates says:

    so how is business? it is getting better. I am letting it accumulate. It’s rushing in and i am out for now.

  7. sundovee says:

    fun, fun, fun … delicious!

  8. primresp says:

    @PhillLOL: I listened today for the second time–just as delicious the second time ’round…just like E and J say, if they liked something the first time, why not read/listen/think about it again? thanks for posting!

  9. WexlerTV says:

    Thank you for posting. Is it possible to give a small blurb re: what the video is about? I find that I often click on a video only to find that someone else has already posted the material with a different title. Thanks!

  10. jccorona says:

    Abraham ROCKS!!!!!! I LOVE to laugh and the Abrahams are SO funny! Thanks!!

  11. corcov says:

    Let’s do some Vortexism :-)

  12. brzeeful says:

    wow, this is such an awesome message! makes everything MUCH easier <3 thank you!

  13. FFPugs says:

    Soooo GOOD…Thank You!…♥

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