About the Most Popular Social Networking Sites

About the Most Popular Social Networking Sites

Article by Charles Greer

Do you want to make friends online? Do you spend a lot of time on the Internet? If yes, then you must have heard about social networking sites. This article is specially written for those who want to know about social networking sites as it is becoming the most famous way for communication.

Social networking sites are the websites using which you can make new friends and find out your old friends. Not only making and finding friends you can also find many other services available in networking sites. Usually all the networking sites work in a similar way. The difference is just of rules and regulations. Usually people who join these sites have some common reasons like finding old friends, making new friends, dating, religion, etc.

If, you are interested in joining social sites then you can find one by searching on Internet. There are two ways with which you can decide which site is best for you. First is that you can search on internet and examine all the sites. Another way is to get recommendation from your friends who have already joined the social sites. The most common web sites that people join are Orkut, Classmates, and MySpace.

Orkut is the first ever networking site built by Google. They launched this web site in 2004. Right now there are millions of people who have joined Orkut. The main reason behind its popularity is that the user interface is very easy to use. Not everyone can become the member of Orkut. To join Orkut you need to know someone who is already the member. The member must invite you to join Orkut. This process saves a lot of fake accounts.

Classmates is another site that is becoming popular. The main aim of this site is same as that of Orkut. Registration of classmates is free but to use its services you have to become a paying member. Paying member enjoy the benefits like reading profile, contacting friends, etc.

The third most popular social site is MySpace. Right now, they have 100 million members. Like all sites MySpace also allows you to create a profile and find friends. You can display large number of pictures, videos and clips. There are number of other features that you can use in my space.

The above mentioned sites are the most common social networking sites. You can join any one of these or can find other sites on internet. The best thing that you can do by joining social networking site is that you can popularize your website.

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