ABB Robotics – new small robot – IRB 120

ABB’s smallest ever multipurpose industrial robot weighs just 25kg and can handle a payload of 3kg (4kg with wrist vertical) with a reach of 580mm. It is a c…
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    It is the same that came out in the movie Iron Man 3, who gives her tony
    stark the child to help (besides all laboratory / workshop). Anyone tell me
    the price of the same?

  2. ABBRobotics says:

    @TedRobotBuilder tnx will check the page & fix them

  3. ABBRobotics says:

    Yes its really huge. By far the biggest in the 3kg class and as good as
    many 5kg robots.

  4. Tim Callinan says:

    My Bad – i forgot to install robotware which sorted out the problem and i
    found some good tutorial videos here.

  5. NikNikSmirnov says:

    если вы купите робота у зао робототехники то он работать так не будет

  6. TedRobotBuilder says:

    Don’t like capitalism, eh? It’s called creative destruction. Look it up.
    Robot create new better jobs while destroying older, bad jobs.

  7. iwantmygunsback says:

    Please tell me the price for this one

  8. sake ninja says:

    You are an idiot. It takes engineers to design them, test them, build them.
    Takes people to sell them, install them, and perform maintenance over their
    life. It saves companies money so they don’t have to layoff workers
    elsewhere. They replace someone making $10/hr, but keeps people making
    $60,000 employed.

  9. ABBRobotics says:

    Thanks for the vomments. Check out Robitise Australia group on LinkedIn

  10. legomaster5551 says:

    So your robots so amazing huh.Well it’s putting hard working Americans out
    of the job so I ask you how does it feel to contribute to our nations
    unemployment ? And by the way your little robots can become automated ass
    wipers for all I care

  11. littlestworkshop says:

    I’m really impressed by the speed and the working volume at 1:57 really

  12. Alexandru Taradaciuc says:

    The Faculty of Manufacturing and Induistrial Management Romania, Iasi. I’ve
    worked on IRB 140 with Irc 5. I’ve finished in Welding industry my licence
    project was drawing an object in Solid Edge and importing in Robot studio
    and simulating a welding operation.

  13. Tim Callinan says:

    I teach basic robotics at a community college (Anne Arundel Community
    College). We’re planning on purchasing 2 IRB120’s. Do you guys have any
    learning curriculum that you can provide? Also do you think this is a good
    robot for an educational setting?? The manual for the robot and robot
    studio is pretty hardcore. I’m looking for more basic tutorials. Also i
    have Robot studio installed on my PC here but it keeps asking for Robotware
    – what is it for and could you explain what it is?

  14. ABBRobotics says:

    Which school was that then ???

  15. Alexandru Taradaciuc says:

    Nice! It’s to bad because I’m not in school any more to work with ABB IRB
    140 :(( and RobotStudio.

  16. chromebeats says:

    So how much?

  17. AnneSeitz says:

    Auf den ersten Blick ist der IRB120 einfach ein kleiner Roboter wie jeder
    andere, ABER seine unvergleichliche Präzision und
    Positionswiederholgenauigkeit von 0,01mm (!) machen den kleinen Gesellen
    zum Sieger seiner Klasse.

  18. Kernassi666 says:

    Hab das Ding heut bei ABB in Friedberg bewundern dürfen. Er ist halt klein
    ansonsten doch eher wenig spektakulär.

  19. TedRobotBuilder says:

    you have a lot of broken links on your product page.

  20. Golden Lion says:

    A series of smaller budget robots could be popular on the assembly line

  21. K4Robotics says:

    You guys should make a kit for lego mindstorms with instructions to build
    replicas of some of your robots. Even if you had to supply the lego parts
    yourself, I would pay 10-15 dollars for instructions and a sample program.
    I tried for years to do it myself, but never could get it to work with only
    3 motors. I have the capability to use up to 11 motors on a robot now, but
    only 3 can have precise movement. Any ideas anyone?

  22. VisionRouge Shanghai says:

    Nice to see our video work online!

  23. emtep says:

    Thanks to companies like you, many people are losing their jobs. I will
    work hard to shut down enterprises such as ABB Robotics.

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