Aaron Sorkin’s Commencement Speech – 13 May 2012

Aaron Sorkin ’83, screenwriter of the Social Network, used his particular blend of wit and principles to deliver a stirring commencement address for our 158th graduation ceremony on Sunday, 13 May 2012.
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  1. redlightmax says:

    06:11 “Welcome to the NFL” is a line that Vice President Hoynes says to Josh in S1E4 of The West Wing.

  2. altaskier3 says:

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  3. kdiff77 says:

    This was my sister’s commencment, and I was incredibly fortunate to be there in person for this speech. Truly inspiring and thought-provoking. As my mom said on the way out, “this is why you always get a writer to do a big speech.”

  4. doyourpeace12 says:

    So inspiring. I love how he ties all of his thoughts together into this min

  5. Supah Dubstep says:

    Check this one out free msp /watch?v=S2NT70Ef4pw

  6. jca23 says:

    this speech is like music to my ears, like how he handles his dialogues. 

  7. Ridwanabimbola says:

    Yes o.Dis na also brand new video,chek it out.Real one feat bamstey.

  8. futurebody90 says:


  9. conanhoey14 says:

    Genuinely Cried from 9:43 to 10:09, I think anyone who has experienced the same would feel the same too..

  10. gavrussell says:

    “Decisions are made by those who show up” … “Never forget that a small group of dedicated people can change the world… its the only thing that ever has”..

    Classic Sorkin….. classic West Wing quotes!

  11. frozeneternity93 says:

    powerful stuff

  12. lolitsmarcin says:

    lol i was there:D good job EMILIA W 

  13. ilenooo says:

    ROFL LMAO XD I was thinking about the same thing!!

  14. EspioArtwork says:

    Spotlight Congratulations, Graduates!
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  15. paranormal62 says:

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  16. valeriereified says:

    Um… a groundbreaking career in television and cinema?

  17. valeriereified says:

    It’s a nice piece of motivation for quitting a drug that is twice as dangerous and three orders of magnitude more expensive than aspirin.

  18. Kayvon12321 says:

    hey Wilson, you’ve got 5 months left. quit wasting your time doing speeches and go hang out with House!

  19. inxyTrolls says:


  20. chirpsin says:

    He never even once said “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” What’s the point of writing that line if you don’t get to use it now and again.

  21. TheBushman7 says:

    He is my hero.

  22. XxDXARMYXx says:

    wow id hate to be the guy that follows that

  23. ripcity2427 says:

    I wanna slap that guy clapping with the back of his hand!

  24. drprofcapt says:

    This really motivated me, to do something, but I don’t know what. I’ve got an urge for change, and I have for a long time, but I feel I’m too young to accomplish anything…

  25. Colt5677 says:

    Thank you kevin

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