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  1. MyHarvardClassics says:

    That was spot on! Thanks for the post!

  2. TheSeekerOfKnowledge says:

    I use the pomodoro technique, it’s a great time-boxing technique which gives amazing result

  3. LindseyE525 says:

    I am exactly the same way. I’ll have 10 things going at once, be thinking about 10 more that need to get done, yet not one thing ever gets completed! I’ve started to implement the 45/15 rule into my professional life and it so works when I do it. The trick is to keep doing it! But this tip is really something. Something tells me I’ve just hit a pivotal moment lol.

  4. meancookie34 says:

    Glad I found this! I really like your video.

  5. eidebodil says:

    I guess this actually works, but what is funny is that Parkinson wrote this as an ironic/humoristic “law” to comment critically on how bureaucracy works!!

  6. freemakemoneyonline says:

    Just listen to some Anthony Robbins or Tupac!

  7. Netdivvy says:

    Hello, What a great Law! This is so true. Thank you for posting this video. All The Best, Dale Werner

  8. LOVEronica22 says:

    very helpful to me at this time! Thank you.

  9. JasonFonceca says:

    Awesome Katie 🙂 I’m glad I came across this, and I love how passionate you come across when sharing value with others. Rock ON.

    I’d like to add that I’m often considered one of the fastest, most-efficient, productive creators in my circles, and I personally operate a different way, treating my entire life and every breath as art, allowing inspiration to flow through me and create whatever I create. My todo lists are done with a sense of humour 🙂

  10. Mikaelthearchangel says:

    And to bee a hit more specific, Karen : I afree with Mr Nussba that is is totally crazy bow much uor specific person can get done for us with committed hocus in fromes fram a lit of times ; )

  11. Mikaelthearchangel says:

    tick tick tick tick tick tick, yes, I agree is is ; )

  12. WhoIsBrianNussbaum says:

    this is eluding in a way to the ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ concept. I know first hand that when you SET yourself time to do something, your subconcious mind tends to bend your will so you WILL get the task done with no ecuses. Its crazy how much a person can get done with committed focus and a specific time frame allotment. Thanks for sharing Katie. =)

  13. jaztinbear says:

    the lesson is so great, frankly, i am quite the one who tends to do all things at the same time, I will do what you say, it definitely will help me finish what’s the most important to be done first.

    Thank you again!


    Katie this was a great video thanks for sharing, I had never heard of Parkinson’s Law but I am going to implement this in my business immediately.


  15. Katrina van Oudheusden says:

    I have started using an egg timer. Amazing what you can accomplish when you know you only have a certain amount of time to complete a task. Thank you Katie for sharing this great advice!

  16. ShellyAllenOnline says:

    Excellent advice!

  17. KennyAtcheson says:

    Good explanation Katie. It affects the daily routine as well as larger projects. I am interested to know if you use the egg timer like myself for something as simple as writing a blog post. Your mind goes to work faster, knowing you only have a limited time frame. One last thing Katie. What are your favorite books on the subject of time management and avoiding distractions. I like Time Traps and First Things First by Stephen Covey. Great job again Katie.

  18. workwithremco says:

    Hi Katie! Definately use it and it’s giving me SO much more time! Fortunately there are somehow more and more projects to do when there is more time available so it’s not like there’s any time left 🙂 Fortunately it doesn’t feel like working so doesnt really matter!
    Have a great day!
    PS. Heard a great one today: “When you see a Buddah on the road, kill it!”

  19. djsuperstar717 says:

    I need to start doing this with my music projects; and other things

  20. shamsulhaq says:

    Hello Beauty,

    Very nice delivery

  21. pamphile says:

    Your on Computing News

  22. dungalp says:

    You can set 1 day for some project and work 24hr or working 24/7 but after some time you are going be so stressed and its going to be bad for your health!

  23. TheLeaderGuy says:

    Ketie, good work with your video, I like the delivery… and the content!

  24. Lynxie77 says:

    This is so true. I often give myself to much time to complete a task and then end up rushing to get it done by the deadline. I would be a lot more productive if I scheduled less time and just got it done instead of procrastinating. Thanks for the tip.

  25. PsionicX1 says:

    This is a really good idea. Extremely simple, yet I can see how it would be very effective. I am going to implement this immediately. Thanks for sharing Katie.

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