“A Rushing Montage” By BlackSage 21 and Clever Tricks

The Montage you have all been waiting so long for Is finally here. Six months In the making I am proud to present “A rushing Montage” Featuring BlackSage 21 aka Blackmarble18 and Clever Tricks. PLEASE ENJOY!!! Watch as many times as your heart desires and PLEASE PLEASE SHARE ON Facebook Twitter and Playfire and any other social networking sites. Much lov and dont forget the very important LIKE button
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. RaCod16 says:

    Why no silencer?

  2. urmybiscuit says:

    Saw your gameplay on machinima, had to subscribe!

  3. TheShaggyRabbit says:

    Great video but do u prefer silence or unsilenced weapons

  4. TheShaggyRabbit says:

    Great video keep it up but do u prefer silenced weapons or unsilenced

  5. blackmarble18 says:

    I guess I gotta start playin search

  6. CiTAR039 says:

    great vid
    can the next one be about search and destroy

  7. MegaMrimran says:

    LoL thats embrassing i try to drop shot u but i failed 🙁

  8. blackmarble18 says:

    Lol dang man that sucks for u 🙂

  9. MegaMrimran says:

    LOL Sage killing me at! 4:00 Am Xx IMRAN503 Xx

  10. blackmarble18 says:

    Thanks a lot for checking it out

  11. RedToxinn says:

    Great stuff man. Keep up the amazing work

  12. I3lueTheatre says:

    Come check out my channel! I’m VERY new to youtube, and i have just started this community channel, so send in your clips if you wanna get some promotion 🙂

  13. ijudgex360 says:


  14. AirsoftSniperdude127 says:

    2:51 fire and ice boy! lol nice video sage keep it up. =D

  15. InfernAngelis says:

    Amazing Montage and Amazing Songs!

  16. TopCoDReplays says:

    nice job bro!! that was sick

  17. Aaron Gibb says:

    hey i am back sorry i have bin bisy you sed hi on my channl can you do me a fave look up UndeadFiles’s channel an sub him plez

  18. JR7BLJL says:

    Really great man. A lot of effort has been put in this. Cant wait to see another. Keep it up bro.

  19. blackmarble18 says:

    I like the xbox better personally 🙂

  20. Rishon Watson says:

    Haven’t seen a montage this good in a while.

  21. blackmarble18 says:

    haha Score!

  22. touchscream56789 says:

    You know when you watch a video so epic you start shaking…..well….

  23. teedoshoot says:

    Awesome man. Great editing. Serious knife kills!

  24. ryanjames35 says:

    awesome, great editing

  25. Kacchi90 says:

    Great Montage sage, loving the music. <3

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