A Quick And Easy 2 Minute Technique To De-Stress And Calm Nerves

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  1. BlueBeats PurpleDreamTeam says:

    Stress? Sorry, but having a business meeting is not stressful….

  2. lolPantsProductions says:

    Does it have to be 5 seconds? Sometimes for me it feels really uncomfortable to hold or breathe out for 5, can it just be a slow breath in or out as long as it’s deep and comfortable? =]

  3. javiermillan23 says:

    your pretty =]]

  4. zepheramzarah says:

    Damn, you took the words right out of my mourth 🙂

  5. Coolfrost Mist says:

    light the heaviness off your eye lids

  6. 2darkmatter says:

    I will use this method before going to bed to get myself ready to relax away the day. This with good thoughts is an excellent way to wind down, now i will only masturbate 2 times a week. but now guess who i’m going to be thinking of, i will give you 2 guesses. Get it, 2 guesses!!

  7. VLombardi01 says:

    Thanks! This works for me before I perform on stage.

  8. chippydick111 says:

    fuck off this vid is doing my head in

  9. Abhinav Das Shrestha says:

    i continued watching the video even if i knew it wasnt what i was looking for,,,,

  10. CelestialBeast3 says:

    I desperately need to find a way to destress. Will definitely give this a try now that I have opened my mind to these ideas. Thank you!

  11. LUKKA2020 says:

    U R a cutie!!!

  12. logmein84 says:

    changing roommates really helps for destressing. It’s my favorite one

  13. cutebabychan says:

    this really really helps a lot!! thank u very much!

  14. 123rebelguy says:

    i m sorry bt…. i luv u..serioussly luv uuuuuuuuuuu..

  15. MaiRichards says:

    Omg….this really does help!
    thank you so much

  16. qwea44 says:

    hey, i just realised that life is life
    i don’t need stress bye

  17. GrandCelestial says:

    Thank you for showing me this technique.

  18. flipflopflyin says:

    this was helpful, but it took like 3:47 to actually to get from talking to the technique :/

  19. londonpie72 says:

    Thanks just about to take a test really helped

  20. hsseriesauthor says:

    What I find ironic is that it’s a 2 minute technique but takes 7 minutes to explain. Still, it’s a great technique. 🙂

  21. Astrowater says:

    Thank you. That really helped me calm down. Thanks.

  22. RoosterM488 says:

    cool tip, i’m trying it because i’m anxious about horse riding after a break of 3 years so good luck for tomorrow and less stress levels 🙂

  23. natasha4u2c says:

    mind chatter – good one lol :)

  24. Katrina0065 says:

    thank you so much I sure hope it works tomorow morning!!

  25. Kristersful says:

    Oh my! that really works! Thanks alot for that advice!!!

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