A Powerful Strategy To Unleash Your Creative Potential


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  1. 1eyetherobot says:

    Amazing how well she maintains eye contact with the viewer.

  2. PhilEmanS says:

    what a great flow of speaking

  3. PhilEmanS says:

    blog is fake

  4. HellerVali says:

    You’ve got brains and looks… wow!

  5. Fonkology says:

    Yes, spot on.

  6. garsett says:

    Focusing too much on the right side of the brain here. Need some more plan based action oriented and logical left side of the brain drive. But it’s so boooring.

  7. petelimbic says:

    Spot on.

  8. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    the ego swaps the signs over left/right brain (masc/feminine) it is the number one block to creativity 🙂 you need to integrate and balance masc (right brain) and feminine (left brain) before you get to Vision.

  9. MintzJunior says:

    dam wommen powers like that are a necessity to us man nice originality your great

  10. namanvas says:

    beauty with brains

  11. Shadowsnshades says:


  12. zenwalker2009 says:

    Amazing video. Thanks!

  13. JoshRimer says:

    Katie, you should optimize these videos! You could get so many more views.

  14. IronBobcat2278 says:

    We’re all sleeping Gods and posess the creative natural force people are not left or right brained two hemepheres that should be working in unison they are a representation of the marriage of male and female or masculine and feminine aspects. Masculine and feminine (with respect to energy) are just opposite sides. Feminine is gentle energy, compassion, loving. Masculine is logical, critical thinking, brute . when both sides are in balance & harmony: I believe we will evolve to “cosmic mind”

  15. abre01 says:

    Gorgeous, thank you!

  16. KTSHO says:

    hey katie, I thank you so much for sharing so much information its so helpful, I actually got done reading your manifesto…ahhh I couldn’t thank you enough, take care

  17. Vinaysananda says:

    This video was helpful, although I do not create this way.
    For me, personally, just writing and total surrender do not work .
    Meditating, experiencing inner-peace, centering yourself, and then meditating about what you are going to write (and then after writing for while, channeling and flowing occurs usually naturally and spontaneously, just like when I’m improvising on the piano/keyboard), is what I have been (unconsciously) doing. At the moment I am interested in Vipassana meditation.

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