A New Era of Recruiting

A New Era of Recruiting

Article by Stephen Waller

The age of modernization and computer change the ways of man which included recruitment. Recruitment used to be inquiring from every establishment for any vacancies, submitting hand written application letter and Curriculum Vitae. Applicants have to come back for the following day to make a follow up on the applied position. For the recruiters, it meant having waiting for the applicant to come back.

As the internet broadens its audience, reaching other countries has virtually made recruitment a lot easier. For the talent acquisition scouts, it meant having to choose and outsourcing talents which are competitive and willing to be paid lower that what the company expects. Posting to different job boards gets plenty of responses from around the world. Viewing the person’s profile and asking for work samples is made easier through downloading to the host email address. For the job hunters, online vacancies have made their job hunting less expensive. It basically saves time and money used in transportation and documents which needs to be photocopied. Online job vacancies posting has provided job hunters a variety of works to chose from and a chance to land a job on a foreign land with a higher pay. Interviewing for overseas employment was made easier through chat, voice calls and video chat.

Online vacancies have also generated other jobs and means of income. It has allowed employers to ask a person to work on small jobs that only requires a short period of time. It becomes easier for their part because they do not require a contract that needs to be reviewed and signed before a work begins. They will save time in looking for an individual who is willing to work on it with an allotted budget they can only offer. They need not worry on mandated government contribution for the said worker. Online jobs abound from web programming to data entry jobs. It has provided work to household who cannot leave their homes. Housewives and retired workers gets an extra income through doing an online job with the free hours they have every day and can choose to stop working anytime they want to.

However, there are some points that need to be considered to doing an online job. Virtual crimes had become inevitable as anonymous users use the web. There are scams claiming that you were hired for the certain project and upon reaching the destination, one learns that she is hired for prostitution. Others would ask valuable information at another person to use it in purchasing valuable items through use of the credit card. There are online contractors that would ask you to complete a project and upon completion, the contractor would only vanish into thin air. One must take extra precaution in taking online job vacancies; it is a matter of weighing between instinct and trust.

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