A Mark Hoverson review update

Mark Hoverson review – I joined the Mark Hoveson coaching (www.myglobalsecret.com) course last month and I felt compelled to provide a review so others my understand the program. I am also going to review Mark’s leadership branding course (which I am also enrolled in) next month.
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  1. kellydaynet says:

    Hey Anthony, I totally agree. Mark is a great leader indeed. I have had the opportunity to get to know him and the more you know about Mark, the more you like him. Hopefully you and I will meet at one of the conferences as well. Would like to meet you too. 😉 Thanks for the comment and Merry Christmas.

  2. anthonybfrye says:

    Mr. Hoverson is a great leader and educator of Internet marketer and network marketing. I hope to be right there with him in the very near future, and create a legacy.

  3. kellydaynet says:

    Hey Emma – There might be a few of us in the course who are not in Mark Hoverson Global Resorts Network, if you are in GRN than it should be mandatory to join Mark’s coaching course. 😉

    It was great networking with you and look forward to working closer with you in the near future.


  4. emmajbarrett says:

    Hey Ray
    The Hoverson Coaching Club looks awesome. Are you the only non global lad there?

  5. emmajbarrett says:

    Hey, Great to see you over the past weekend. I totally agree with you, Mark Hoverson gave his best this weekend. Look forward to your videos.

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