A Magnetic Attraction!

Check out the cool effect of magnets on iron filings. Suspended in liquid these filings trace out the lines of magnetic force in three dimensions! www.exploratorium.edu
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  1. Exploratorium says:

    @daftpunk71 This is an exhibit at our museum in San Francisco. You can learn more about the Exploratorium at exploratorium.edu

  2. daftpunk71 says:

    where did u get it

  3. unstabler says:

    @affluenceclm The oil companies didn’t invent the laws of conservation of energy. It is a LAW of the universe. You might be able to get a motor to run for a while with seemingly no input, but the EM energy came from somewhere in the first place It’s no different from getting “free” energy from a lump of coal (Easy, just burn it and use the energy to drive a piston). It isn’t free energy until you recoup more energy than went into the device in the first place (which just isn’t possible).

  4. affluenceclm says:

    Belive it or not Free energy is real,But the Big corporations spend millions to ensure that information does not spread to the masses,Get a REAL working magnet motor at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Be part of the revolution!

  5. ReikaiDemon says:

    So this is how they make sea urchin…

  6. johnson55467 says:

    Are those filings in a water medium? That’s amazing.

  7. arsin29 says:

    thats pretty neat.

  8. ronaldaveling says:

    i think the iron filings look like ants attracted to honey in fast-motion!!

  9. mushk45 says:

    very cool!

  10. videochick770 says:

    wow! looks like furry beer.

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