A *HOT* Facebook Marketing Tip To Help You Capture Leads


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    Interesting video.
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  4. rickpinket says:

    Excellent video! lovin’ the vibe..take care!

  5. NicoleCouri says:

    best facebook hack ever /watch?v=Fd0di5HFboY

  6. SmartNetMedia says:

    This is a very informative video. Mobile marketing is truly coming of age. As smartphones and apps become better, the possibilities are endless. I currently us Apple devices and am anticipating the Android adddtion of Honeycomb. Who knows wher this will take us.

  7. MrBigPoppa43 says:

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  8. JJWITTER1 says:


  9. jpbersier says:

    Thanks once more Katie. 🙂

  10. althea2m says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  11. MrTroyCasey says:

    hi katie,
    is this application still available? i choose to find it on the new interface ;-]
    many blessings

  12. GetMarketingTraining says:

    Amazing Katie! that was so helpful! thanks and keep em coming!

  13. codisedlacek says:

    Great Video Katie, You give so much great value and I really appreciate it!

  14. michonjavelosa says:

    Really helpful information!

    Thank you!!! :)

  15. quitejaded says:

    I think this is the older facebook.

  16. ThePrinceOfVideos says:

    WoW Katie

    This is a great video, and Awesome Awesome tips

    Keep doing what you are doing, Trully awesome content

    The Prince of Videos

    John Lai

  17. brendanwenzeldotnet says:

    Great idea!

  18. tdubb099 says:

    how do you get to that html code on get responses. I don’t see the options from what your talking about. This was probably done before get response change there look

  19. WWhite96 says:

    Great Job!

  20. empoweringparents says:

    Thank you Katie, You give so much value and I greatly appreciate it.

  21. 1inthistogether says:

    Ty Katie

  22. hfrink says:

    Katie, that was an awesome presentation. Yesterday, I listened to you on Johnathan’s recorded webinar. I then found you on Twitter, and now YouTube. I hope to get into JB next mastermind series, and Social Media classes. Wish I could have done it this time. In the mean time, I will watch your videos and information and learn as much as I can. Thanks again for being a great source of information.

    -Harold Frink

  23. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    great tip thanks Katie do you know if there is a “flash media” application?

  24. networkmillions says:

    Awesome tip Katie!! Glad to have you as a valuable resource! Keep it up!

  25. tommymerlot says:

    I wondered how that can be done with Facebook. Now, thanks to you, I know.

    Good on ya,

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