A Day in the Life of Social Media

How powerful can social media be? Watch and find out.

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  1. veersinghkaran says:

    What software??

  2. fatso113 says:

    @CameronVanPeebles who cares. fact is that a ton of shit gets uploaded daily with no definite way of keeping precise

  3. SRose928 says:

    Great video! What software application did you use to create it?

  4. dufferdg says:

    I think the 1.1 Billion is a monthly number

    34,560 hours in a day * 365 days in year = 12,614,400

    12,614,400 divided by 12 (months) = 1,051, 200

    1,051,200 hours rounded to one decimal = 1.1 Billion hours uploaded a month

  5. kevinomeara1234 says:

    globalinformationnetworkdotcom affiliate code komeara

  6. kimamurakyo says:

    can you tell me what application that can make video like this ?? because i have an assignment from my university to make a video like this

  7. mimimi4dub says:

    @acecarson11 benderconverter

  8. impactgreatness says:

    This is a good video but the numbers should be correct.

  9. acecarson11 says:

    How can I copy this video? I want to use it in a presentation at work but I can’t access youtube at work to “share the link” I tried to right click and “save file as” but it kept sending me to a lady gaga video. Help!

  10. pde2010 says:

    All this social media crap sucks!!! I don’t want to sit in front of a computer to sell my business – i prefer “real” selling, you know, getting out there & meeting people – “real” people, not sitting in a social media bubble (which could burst anytime now) where the computer burns your energy away!!

  11. gariouscom says:

    Great stats! but may I know the source of those figures?

  12. busteralejo says:

    It is just the begging of this NEW communication! are you agree with me?

  13. SmartNetMedia says:

    This is a very informative video. Mobile marketing is truly coming of age. As smartphones and apps become better, the possibilities are endless. I currently us Apple devices and am anticipating the Android adddtion of Honeycomb. Who knows wher this will take us.

  14. gfurst says:

    This just a huge amount of information everyday… Yet most of it is useless :p

  15. Adammmmk says:

    @sixwaystop sorry mate, the maths in wrong on that one, but i still agree with you. its incredibly huge. even with the correct maths its insaaaane.

  16. marcosrc says:

    24 hours in 1 minute equals…

    1,440 hours in 1 hour
    34,560 hours in 24 hours (not 1,100,000,000)
    1.03 million hours in 1 month
    12.6 million hours in 1 year

    Where’s that BILLION thing?

    Be carefull not to lose credibility in the whole thing with that mistake! 😉

  17. aimalvinho says:

    People, youtube is HUGE. FACT.
    But the math is wrong like CameronVanPeebles said!

  18. tamy43 says:

    We’re in!!!

  19. bestdownload007 says:


  20. sixwaystop says:

    @CameronVanPeebles Cameron I know the math is unbelievable, but its not wrong.  YouTube is JUST. THAT. HUGE.

  21. CameronVanPeebles says:

    Cool but I think some of the math is wrong.
    It says 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute which equals 1.1 billion hours of video every 24 hours.
    Am I missing something?

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