A Cure For Writer’s Block? How To Get Back In The Flow…

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  1. thesimplisticseth says:

    thanks, this really helped!

  2. cheesepuff1324 says:

    you dont know how much you helped me!

  3. 91Definite says:

    aye man….Im’a rapper too i know how you feel..I havent put out anything since 2010..alot of shyt in my life happened and idk what ima’ do now..I can’t write either.

  4. life0long0anime says:

    light show

  5. BetterStorytelling says:

    Great vid Katie!
    Whenever I’m having trouble writing, I go away and FEED MY MUSE by reading books, watching movies and reading poetry. I found this technique in Ray Bradbury’s book, “Zen and The Art of Writing.”

  6. Ziffelzoovop says:

    exalent advice. 🙂 music inspiers me a lot of the time. even my dreams can inspier me…when i remember them that is. 😛 or if i just let my mind wonder out on it’s own path and don’t force it to stick with my original idea, then sometimes i can come up with something even better.


    I have tried so many different methods and I’ve found that the most effective for me is stream of consciousness writing where you stare at the page and just write whatever comes into your head and just keep writing without judging it. I think writer’s block is a battle with your subconscious so the best way of conquering that is through exploring different mediation techniques. Just my opinion. Thanks

  8. flaboi8998 says:

    me 2 

  9. mvanslyke100 says:

    let me start off by saying iam going thought writersblock right now and i am a raper and i dont feel the flow and i feel like i cant write anything any more, i feel like i lost it and its just not going to click again if you could send me me a message back that would be great mvanslyke100

  10. hsseriesauthor says:

    I find just shutting my eyes and listening to the ocean helps to clear my mind. Also if I’ve been writing a lot I like to just stand up, walk around and drink a lot of water whenever I feel I need to. I also find that eating my favourite fruits not only fills me with natural goodness but helps to clear my body of any intoxications of any sort. I love taking long walks along an abandoned dirt track but unfortunately there aren’t too many of those where I’m from. So calm music replaces that.

  11. shortcake1000 says:

    Music! It inspires me every time I hear it and gets the brain pumping with ideas!

  12. Jasmine Shafley says:

    what if you dont get to chose what to write about… an english assignment isnt very inspiring…

  13. Sunnysideberry says:

    Well…. a great way to be inspired would be to run. I know this sounds like work and i will quite assure you it is, but when your finished you feel awesome, everything seems to flow. You know, now that i think about it, my awesome non-profit would be to inspire people of all ages to try running at any pace. The key here is to feel alive! Trust me running will awaken you to be open to the flow baby!! Yeee Haw!!

  14. lazerblu says:

    I struggled to compose this message…

    lol :)

  15. PsionicX1 says:

    Heh. Its funny the way I often come across one of your videos relevant to me whenever I’m on that specific subject, in this case writer’s block. Anyway, I lik etaking a break and going for a walk. Sometimes a bit of excercise, like shadow boxing, gets me unblocked. Soemthing else that works well is just working on a different writing project/idea.

  16. tylerg83 says:

    Another great video Katie. I was just watching Anthony Robbins videos and saw your video pop up. Your exactly right, writers block holds us back from the spirit we have inside and it is definitely is necessary to keep in touch with your inspirations because it opens our mind back up. What Anthony Robbins does is inspirational and I see myself in his shoes because I love talking with people and sharing my up beat energy.

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