A 3rd Party Review Of Mike Dillard- Should You REALLY Listen To Him?

A 3rd Party Review Of Mike Dillard- Should You REALLY Listen To Him?

Article by Lee

Mike Dillard Review Part I

Searching for a REAL mike dillard review? Your search is over because in this article, I will reveal the truth about mike dillard that many may not know about. Also inside this post will be some hidden truths on what he does and towards the end of this mike dillard review, I’ll expose some secrets that 97% of the network marketing industry pretty much won’t ever discover!!

Who is Mike Dillard?

Most people might not know the whole story. Some probably do. But mike dillard is a diligent network marketer who struggled just like everybody else but decided he was going to succeed no matter what it took. He started in multi-level marketing way back in 1998 and struggled for over 6 years, trying to perform some of the old techniques that just didn’t work for him. Not many people may know this but Mike faced numerous challenges.

He was incredibly shy and had no self-confidence. He was so broke and such in a financial hole that he was forced to pawn his championship winning bike and DVD collections merely to buy more food coupled with no furniture in his apartment for 3 years after graduating college. He was extremely scared of calling his prospects and would literally tremble when actually making a dial. At that time, he had no downline, no cash from his MLM company, and was waiting tables at a chinesse restaurant while seeing his college friends showing up to eat, driving around with BMW’s. This was around 2005.

How did mike dillard go from waiting tables to millionaire by age 26?

Ok, what the heck happened between that moment to within eighteen months him making his first million dollars in network marketing? Well a few things happened:

1. Even through the bad times, Mike still believed that he was going to succeed. Through all the crap, all of the extremely low times, he had that MINDSET that failure with this business was just NOT AN OPTION. In one of his interviews, he even explains that he never at one point thought he would fail but he was ALREADY a 7-figure earner in his mind and success was just a matter of time. He knew that he would have a tremendous impact in this industry. He was simply living a reality inside his head that the physical world hadn’t caught up to yet. Success for him never was a matter of “IF” but just “WHEN”. So mindset had A LOT to do with it.

Mike Dillard Review Part II

2. Mike became a student of the game and invested in himself. Most of the people looking at this mike dillard review will treat their business like a hobby and wonder why they’re not making the kind of money that they wanna make. But Mike treated his business like a real business, buying marketing courses and focused on COPYWRITING first.

3. Then he focused on some traffic generation methods to whatever he was promoting and he used Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) as his main traffic strategy. He wanted people to contact him, and him not chasing people. He actually wrote about this entire concept in one of the most well-known books in the network marketing industry called Magnetic Sponsoring, which he is the author of.

4. He definitely got some coaching and mentoring on the way, working together with guys like Todd Falcone and Mark Weiser, 2 of the top earners in the entire industry. Having some guidance in business is very important for anybody who is aiming to reach the top. But I promised some “underground secrets” in the beginning of this mike dillard review that I will reveal below.

Mike Dillard Review Conclusion- The “SECRET”

To conclude this mike dillard review, I want to leave you with the secret trick: When Mike was advertising, he NEVER pitched his primary business opportunity upfront. He led with a funded proposal. Ok what in the world is a funded proposal? A funded proposal is an item like a book, or a tool, or training that you can sell and get paid for upfront. Most people are pitching their primary company and just going broke. However, a funded proposal helps you stay in the game longer because you’re making sales off products and back-ending people into your MLM deal. If you got nothing else from this mike dillard review and you only remember this concept of the funded proposal, you can make a bunch of money in this industry, PERIOD!!

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