7minuteworkout, How 7 Minutes Can Enhance Your Future

7minuteworkout, How 7 Minutes Can Enhance Your Future

Article by Jim Hageman

Is 7minuteworkout.com a scam? NO! 7minuteworkout.com is without doubt not a scam. It truly offers a 7 minute workout that you can easily do 3 x per week. It definitely will make a positive difference in your life.

Most of you do not realize that I took off 98 lbs over a 3 year period. Unfortunately, the yo-yo diet effect started to show up. Dealing with an unplanned divorce, 30 lbs happened to find their way back on over the last 8 months. Can you relate?

As I was exploring options, I was invited to beta test the 7minuteworkout.com program by Joel Therien and Chris Reid. They assured me that exercising for 7 minutes, 3 x a week, would solve my problem permanently. I had to check it out.

7minuteworkout.com Review

In March 2011, Joel Therien and Chris Reid announced a simple 7 minute workout plan that truly does what they say. The system is targeted to attack obesity and the associated health challenges.

The program involves a few uncomplicated exercises that can be performed in approximately 7 minutes. A 7 minute workout 1 day followed by 1 day of rest. That’s it!

Everyone can make time and keep motivated to exercise in this way. Especially when they start to get results.

The Members Area at 7minuteworkout.com.com is packed with:

* Accurate health and fitness information.* Videos that explain the exercises.* Exercises for at home or in the gym.* Progress tracking tools.* Recipes and food tacking tools you can choose to use.* An active and very responsive forum for support.

And a lot more…

7minuteworkout.com Market

The market is huge. Obesity is an epidemic throughout the world.

World Health Organization Facts:

* Across our planet, there are over a billion overweight adults; at least 300 million of them are obese. (This also affects our children.)

* Obesity and being overweight tend to be a significant risk for chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke, and some forms of cancer.

* The main reasons are reduced physical activity and increased consumption of energy-dense foods high in saturated fats and sugars.

According to Forbes Magazine 98% of the people that invest in fitness programs, in the massive multi-billion dollar fitness industry, FAIL. Most people spend their money, start with a solid commitment, and then quit. They workout too long and rest too little. It’s a certain recipe for failure.

You only train 7 minutes a day, 3 times a week. NO MORE… and it works!

7minuteworkout.com Opportunity

7minuteworkout.com offers everyone the opportunity to get fit and earn money sharing it with others. When you obtain the benefits of this system, people will take notice. They will be interested to know what you are doing. And, it is so easy; they will want to do it too.

This program will be available worldwide as a network marketing opportunity. It will contain highly effective marketing tools designed to assist members be a success. The compensation plan includes progressive fast start bonuses combined with a smart binary system.

In summary, this is an effective way to tackle global obesity and the consequential health problems. The 7minuteworkout.com opportunity includes irrefutable health evidence, solid leadership, is backed by a twelve year old with zero debt, and is something everyone can benefit from.

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