7 Minute Workout Business Review

7 Minute Workout Business Review

Article by Arty Cull

After an introduction to the 7 Minute Workout this past March, I decided to become a beta tester for this innovative program. Having struggledwith weight concerns for the majority ofof my adult life and then being an internet marketer which ?carries? with it some level of inactivity, I decided now was the time to create improvements in my way of living. After being exposed to the concept one Saturday morning, I didn’t have to think about my answer as to whether or not I was going to become a beta tester for 7 Minute Workout. My answer was immediately, “Yes”. This was a way to not only be proactive in my need to change my health and lifestyle but also a way to earn money too. Since the program 3 months ago, my chest size has dropped 3 inches , my thighs have decreased in size by over 2 inches, and I have also lost almost 10 pounds.

The concept behind 7 Minute Workout is fairly easy to understand. To begin, new members fill out the fitness profile that ascertains the level of fitness: beginner or advanced. Also determined in the profile is if the new member will be making use of the personal resistance workout routines at home, or if they are able to use weight equipment. After the profile is finished, the new member is given a set of 5 to be completed during the period of 10 days. The presentation of each workout and exercise is done by means of video instruction. As improvements are seen, the individual may move to the next level of conditioning by changing the fitness profile. A food tracker, can be used in addition to the exercise coaching. The food tracker assists the member in assigning food credits to the daily intake of food, and also monitors the fit credit balance that remains. Blogs, forums and groups are also utilized in the coaching and support portion of 7 Minute Workout.

Because I use GVO Conference, a part of GVO hosting, I was already acquainted with Joel Therien, the owner of GVO. When looking at Joel, you are able to realize that he knows a lot about fitness. Earlier in his life, Joel was a natural body builder who, when competing, placed as high at 6th place in world competitions. He also earned a degree in Exercise Physiology and has been a personal trainer for many years. Chris Reid, Joel’s partner in 7 Minute Workout, is a former international Tae Kwan Do competitor and trainer. He still coaches other competitors. These two men have used the process of 7 Minute Workout over the years in their personal training.

The principal of positive momentary muscle failure is the foundation of 7 Minute Workout. By definition, the muscle groups are worked to the point of momentary failure. By providing the muscle 10 days to rest, the rebuilding process of the muscle can occur. Muscle growth, which leads to a higher amount of calories expended even during rest, is the result.

7 Workout is not only a fitness program but also a business with a lucrative payout plan. Paying infinite levels deep, the company uses a binary MLM pay plan. Fast start bonuses and team cycle bonuses are the primary components of the payout plan. Personal referrals and referrals from your downline are the vehicles through which fast start bonuses are paid. The amount of the fast start bonus starts at for every personal referral. This will increase as you move higher through the 5 levels of the business builder program. The team cycle bonus is the second part of the compensation plan. The team cycle bonus is paid on a 4/2 split. The amount of this bonus is .

7 Minute Workout is currently in the business builder stage. The company is looking for new fitness consultants before the public launch takes place. The company desires to be a strong competitor in the fitness and weight loss industry.

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Having become acquainted with this 7 Minute Workout review is only the first step to building a profitable business. Learning the proper skills and strategies of marketing is critical to the ultimate success of you 7 Minute Workout business.

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