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  1. Matthew Barnes says:

    I made this team then got banned >.<

  2. Wiz Khhhalifa says:

    I wouldnt have CR7 at LM tho. He is a waaaay better striker then almost
    everyone on fifa 13…

  3. Wiz Khhhalifa says:

    I wouldnt have CR7 at LM tho. He is a waaaay better striker then almost
    everyone on fifa 13…

  4. Art Hendrik Tiit says:

    Now, I think Neymar is the best card in ultimate team. 5* skill moves 5*
    weak foot and his shot is deadly.

  5. Zachary Phongvichith says:

    simone pepe at lm

  6. Kyle Francis says:

    Can i have some players from your fifa 13 team like neymar or gareth bale
    or mess i please or can i have a couple decent players please 

  7. the video gamer says:

    come on ive got messi 99 rated so is Ronaldo and cassias 98 rated and all
    together those three cost 9 million

  8. Levi Gross says:

    Why is Messi lower rated but costs more money?

  9. Admir Smajic says:

    What ibra on bench u are crazy man

  10. Goggsy99 says:

    No, Me!

  11. Jordan Keeping says:

    Can i give you a match

  12. kazenaru555555 says:


  13. David Lambo says:

    Your camera angle is weird

  14. L4MBGaming says:

    Your worst player (Luis Gustavo) is worth the same as my whole team

  15. Doughnut Satan says:

    …I would like these players in FIFA 14!

  16. Eemeli Keränen says:

    Pepe is an animal!

  17. Harvey Walker says:


  18. Jasperrr026 says:

    no, that’s not really possible

  19. trololololol2012 says:

    No literally 800 pounds

  20. AhmeD PayBack says:

    Dear santa….

  21. xEpiicSkillx says:

    how did he get so much coins? *-*

  22. Apex Mong says:

    His money , he can do what he wants with it. just because you can’t afford
    such money.

  23. SarkyDooGaming says:

    How do u get all of that money

  24. MarkEA Taylor says:

    Hi Ultimate Team Gamers EA has officially announced that’s its able to
    delegate power to its administrators so that they may be able to handle
    such minor problems as: – Recovery or Replacement of lost players – Getting
    disconnected from a match and the game further recorded as your loss All
    you have to do is email us at eaultimaterecovery@hotmail.com

  25. lolatlol73 says:

    Coin store

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