6/05/2011 BLUE on The Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV1 part1

Interview and performance Source: ITV11
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Wilfred Hsu says:

    Jeward is a total joke

  2. missjay012 says:

    Omg i love Lee ! He’s sooooooo funny “everything you Heard about me is untrue, the bad things are not true” goshhhh he’s awesome ! But what the heck is he wearing ?? Lol
    And I feel so sorry 4 him, I mean I wanna cry, his voice changed, it’s not what it used to be… The important thing is that his surgery went well, but still I’m gonna miss it, I loved his lives especially breathe easy! It still gives me chills 😉

  3. 4oki4e says:

    lee`s so funny and so cute

  4. BieberShuffle says:

    love the and their style.
    antony is amazin 🙂

  5. mary ann yumul says:

    I hope Lee can do it again the 1st version of I Can . But anyway for me, it doesn’t matter, because how many times Lee proved that he is a great singer,even tho I heard he got operation in his throat.. May be he is not yet fully recovered.Lets give him some credit for that. He can sing, and he can act. And he is a good looking young man too……………………………

  6. llgAmMZll says:

    BLUE CAN!! <3

  7. emmadignam says:

    gettin tired of the UK slagging Jedward! and its soo not fair that the UK automatically qualify every year, i mean they came in feckin last place in 2010! ah well! best of luck to Blue anyway! btw Jedward will get through to the final! their gonna win it this year! 😛 😀

  8. Kionaaaaaa says:

    the beginnig is so good, memories.. ALL RISE

  9. ajdeg2011 says:

    lee has 5 days rest and the rehearsals is not heavy for his voice.(he saves his high notes the last 6 appearances on tv) do not worry!

  10. mal2pool says:

    Lee’s voice definitely breaking up..hope its better for eurovision

  11. PanDenaK says:

    he can`t. it`s rehearsals and eurovision next week ;(

  12. ajdeg2011 says:

    lee is tired! (6 performances in a week) that is not good for his voice!
    He takes one week rest.

  13. PrettyfullPrice says:

    agree he sounds amaaazing still got his amazing high notes! best singer ever 🙂

  14. PrettyfullPrice says:

    they sound differnet eveyr time they performe each show they been on they get better and better!

  15. TerenceEley says:

    Very good performance 🙂 Lee sounding very good.

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