6 Tips On Generating Traffic For Your Work From Home Based Business

6 Tips On Generating Traffic For Your Work From Home Based Business

According to the Nielsen Net Ratings, each month an individual spends 25 hours surfing around 1,050 pages, allotting only 45 seconds for each page (1). With this sort of ongoing competition, a site owner must always be on top of the best ways to generate web traffic to get consumers to visit their site. Here are six simple ways to increase web- traffic.

1. Search Engine Marketing

With search engine marketing, you pay a particular search engine to rank your website higher when specific keywords and phrases are being searched. It is definitely a more expensive traffic generating option, but you certainly get what you pay for.

2. Exchanging Links

Exchanging links with a partner is generally a free way to increase traffic because the exchange is the form of payment. Find someone who has similar content on their site, preferably someone you know to begin with, and figure out the best way for both of you to advertise each other’s sites.


3. Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a clever way of generating traffic through funny videos, audio clips, gossip articles, and other popular media. You link your site to the media and inadvertently send customers to your page. Over the years, larger companies have flourished thanks to viral marketing, and with just some time and basic resources, this type of marketing is free!

4. Writing Articles

The facts are that the more content you have on your site, the higher it will rank on a search engine. A simple way to add content is to have useful, current, easy-to-read articles on your site. You can hire affordable freelance writers to write the articles, or you can always write them yourself. Either way, make sure the articles are relevant to your business and site to generate recurring traffic through trusting customers.

5. Joining Online Communities and Forums

It seems as though literally everyone is a part of an online community or forum. With such a large possible customer base, it seems like generating traffic to your site through one of these medias would be effortless, but it’s not as straightforward as it looks. You have to find your niche within these communities using pages and word-of mouth sharing. You have to update your page or profile regularly and always provide accurate links to your site.

6. Offering a Newsletter

Offering a newsletter is another word-of-mouth traffic generating option. However, this is done through existing customers and their e-mail or community profile. As you build customers trust with product quality, they will feel confident with your business and pass the knowledge on.

1. http://www.bizwaremagic.com/quick_internet_history.htm

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