5 Network Marketing Tips For EXPLOSIVE Growth

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  1. James Hicks says:

    Thanks for all your feedback guys

  2. Ian Watson says:

    Please get in contact

  3. jorge Hernandez says:

    Very insightful. What video editing software do you recommend?

  4. DownlineSuccessful says:

    Great advice (agreeing with the companies core values). Its not all about
    the compensation plan. I could have used your advice and slowed down to do
    reasearch over the years.

  5. Evita Starks says:

    James.How do we get in touch with you? the email you provided is not
    working? please email me at evita83starks@gmail.com Thanks

  6. HDSplash says:

    Great Tips! I’ve seen a handful of people fail after joining companies that
    weren’t reputable.

    As far as marketing your business is concerned, we offer customizeable
    video templates that marketers can use for branding. They’re really cost
    effective and easy to use.

  7. Tony Banawa says:

    Great points James. I really love those especially point number 3. I feel
    that’s where most people waste so much time in thinking that their busy
    doing the business, but in actuality, they’re wasting time on non income
    producing activities. It’s important to sit back and evaluate often to see
    how we’re really investing our daily hours. There is a cause and effect for
    everything. If you’re not getting the results you want, it stems from a
    cause or something a person is doing that’s not producing the desired

  8. forgedude says:

    Great Stuff Mr. Hicks, I Subscribed. Do you also review network marketing
    companies as well ? if so Please impart your views on MyFunLife.com 

  9. Mark Palushaj says:

    Those are 5 amazing tips James. Step 3 is so crucial. I find so many people
    (including myself) struggle to realize what’s actually producing for them.
    Go check out my page for very similar tips with a little spice of 22 year
    old graduate who realized I wasted a lot of time in college.

  10. Rob Summers says:

    How’s things

    I just viewed 5 Network Marketing Tips For EXPLOSIVE Growth, I just wanted
    you to know I thought it’s a wonderful video, it’s remarkable how many
    comments you’ve got. Nice one for posting. I am looking forward to the next

    Rob Summers
    Dec 22, 2013 03:37:24

  11. Juan Carlos Redaelli says:
  12. Kim Willis says:

    that was amazing vids great tips

  13. Aura MLM Reviews says:

    Simply love it. When joining a company you must feel good about it. Feel
    good about the program you are promoting. Focus with your inner circle
    which is taking action.

  14. Hans Marion Cudilla says:

    Thanks for this great video! Not only that you’ve taught me the right way,
    you’ve also inspired me sir!

  15. Luke Miller says:

    If you want to build a successful business you have to drop the get rich
    quick mentallity and follow a proven business module.

  16. William Morris says:

    Very good information!!

  17. MilleniaHEALTH says:

    Thanks James – Extremely good points.

  18. Jake Oliver says:

    Powerful Video James! Thanks for sharing. – Jake O.

  19. jksatte says:

    The exact thing you warned about from 2-3 minutes just happened to me. I
    check him out on FB and discover they have been working this so called scam
    for almost 3 years. I can barely believe it. Now I don’t know what to do.
    Wow, he has been doing this thing for over 2 years. I may have to check it
    out. What do you think.

  20. James Hicks says:

    Yeah, the 1st was legit…but when he called me up on the phone pitching me
    on some silly like matrix scheme I kind of lost respect for him, I know we
    are here to make money, but lets keep it real with real decent products.

  21. Jani Verho says:

    very good!

  22. Libi O Elmore says:

    Thank you James. So simple. So effective.

  23. Vlad Beetle says:

    hey guys, please check out my channel! Please just watch my video and put
    like if you want. All i need is just to get out of deep dark ass so that
    at least some people could watch my video. I am gonna make a course on MLM
    and auditory is really required. Ready for dual shot! Can give a very good
    advice how to get subscribers!

  24. James Hicks says:

    Much appreciated sir!

  25. James Hicks says:

    Thank you sir!

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