5 Effective Ways to Get Traffic From Social Networking Sites

5 Effective Ways to Get Traffic From Social Networking Sites

Article by Michael Ringwood

5 Effective Ways to Get Traffic from Social networking sites

a>Create a well Made profile; start with creating a profile that is well made simple which reflects you brand personality.You can be from any industry but you must be able to present your profile with ease and tell users how that are going to benefit by coming at your profile.

b>Build a Strong Network; Create friends in the social networking site. Social networks are all about creating friendships and expressing yourself. The more Friends you make, the more people would want to be Friends with you.So go ahead and welcome diversity in your Friends group. You never know who is going to become your next customer.

c>Communicate Frequently: Communicate frequently with your friends.Thank them when someone has asked you to be your friend. Show genuine interest in that person and do not forget to wish them on their Birthdays. A few sites like MySpace and tagged.com shows the upcoming birthday dates of your friends.

d>Don’t Market…Integrate your data:Myspace widgets like Codes for Myspace or MySpace layouts or Myspace Photo Comments and Video Comments are some of the example of sites successfully trying to build a business out of the Long tail of these Social networking site.The reason why they work best is that they actually do not use these Social networks to sell things.They try to integrate and Embed their brand into the day to day conversations in social networks.For example a user post “Thanks for the Add “when someone adds you as a Friend Sites like http://comments4myspace.blogspot.com/ gives you the codes for commenting on these sites. These comments are exposed to mass users which in turn provides a perfect platform for brand building as well as forms a source of Good Traffic to these sites.

e>Post regular Bulletins : Bulletins are used to update you network of Friends on any new feature or a service you have launched recently.This is one of the most effective tools to interact with your target segment and provides a cost effective way to reach out to your users.But do not misuse this option.Posting the same stuff again and again is spamming and this can damage your credibility among your Friend Networks.Post Bulletins to maintain interactivity with your Friends and only when you have something interesting to tell…make sure that the headline that use in Bulletins are attractive and meaningful.

Social networking sites like MySpace,Tagged,Tagworld,Facebook and Xanga provides an extremely cost effective medium to market your site,product or a service. However marketing in these kinds of sites have their own unwritten rules which should be adhered to.Social network marketing must form an essential part of your Online Traffic Optimization Techniques. You will see a growth in your traffic on these Social networks if you are able to master these Techniques. Unlike traditional traffic from search engines or Link exchanges,Traffic from social networks tend to be more viral and more targeted since it allows mobility of data and information.

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