4 Reasons To Use Video Marketing

4 Reasons To Use Video Marketing

Article by J Bailey

Video marketing can be a very useful means of communicating with potential customers and viewers of all kinds. Using videos and audios as a form of advertisement are still in their beginning phases, but are gaining speed and popularity. In the next few years they should really take off in social media circles.

Why Should You Create and Submit Videos To Networks Online?

1. Spontaneity or Freshness of Content

With live streaming content, it has to be a new type of look or feel of the content, even if you’re reading a page of an article you’ve pre-written. The content itself does not need to be new, but the delivery and recording of the product being delivered is done again newly and spontaneously each time.

2. Personalization of Service

Usually, the tempo and atmosphere of live videos can be used to personalize the message, to communicate in a clearer and more friendly way so that the viewer experiences an entertaining aspect or perception of your product or service.

It a very good idea to capture attention with fun and lively means of getting to know your viewers in a personal way. Leave a message, make an impression, or get across an idea that makes people remember your product or service.

Ask questions, experiment, role play or however you get comfortable with inviting people to enjoy their time with you. Think of it as an invitation and sharing a good time with friends. Do a little research first and become comfortable with the subject you’re talking about. It’s surprising how well it goes to naturally flow with the subject at hand. Write an outline and some bullet points, use a clock or cues if you need them and be as natural as you can.

3. Real-Time Effect of Entertainment

Creating a video will have the effect of staying up to date real time with people in an interesting way. It will come across as more entertaining than a boring old news article. Most people read several blogs per day and are looking for new and different things to be said, in a way that isn’t stuffy and usual. Reaching people by videos and audios will have that now-time effect that makes people feel they are lucky to have come across your product.

You may want to change up your scheduling of postings or trade turns between the audios, videos and blogging so that you have a fresh experience planned with your audience. It should be just like a freshly written blog to experience, so that you shouldn’t be overly loud or strongly selling in the body of the content. I believe people will notice and it may have a negative effect.

4. It’s Cost-Effective

Actually, it’s free for many people. If you already have a mobile phone or video camera, then there’s nothing more you need to buy. Microphones and webcams many times come installed already in the computer systems. But in case you don’t have the capabilities to record, I’ve found two memberships that are very affordable and cost efficient. They make it very simple to record and/or upload files to make a very attractive video or audio product.

The first is Easy Video Producer. This membership is very new and it is surprising to many that they are able to record an entire video in the span of just minutes, clean it up and paste it into a squeeze page or autoreponder and be good to go. Easy Video Producer is moving under Global Virtual Opportunities, which is still in prelaunch, and has an entire suite of tools all together that make them more cost-effective than any other membership I’ve seen. First of all, I haven’t seen all of the tools together before, but the price makes it an unbeatable deal when considered as an alternative to purchasing them each separately.

The owner of Easy Video Producer is Joel Therien and he made these tools available at such a low cost for the reason of team building and what marketers can accomplish when they work as a team. The facilities allow you to use preset templates and squeeze pages, upload your ready made videos or a photo with an audio, or your own choice of video to make a workable website. You can even upload the videos to the eresponder included in the membership. For the technically challenged, there is training available also.

The second membership site I’d like to introduce is Article Video Robot, which is another site that has thought out the technical difficulties that people may face and included all of the functions you need to operate this fantastic deal. You can convert your articles into live streaming videos with multimedia, voiceover, animations and graphics, and then submit them to over 17+ video sites for one low monthly price. There is a choice of two membership types for a smaller business or a power user, and the option to upload your own files or use your own voice in the videos.

With these terrific options and the better personalization of service, it seems a good way to go with an advertising campaign. You can certainly be in the limelight of happenings with modern social media to follow this trend.

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