3 Keys to Social Network Marketing

3 Keys to Social Network Marketing

Social network marketing has quickly moved up the ranks as a viable means in which to generate traffic on the internet. This is due to the explosion in the popularity of online social networking. It has become increasingly common for people of all types from white collar professionals to online entrepreneurs to be found at these online communities. In particular it is the marketers that seem to have really taken to these sites for their promotional use. Although it is relatively easy to join and navigate most any of these locations, effectively using them to generate traffic takes a certain finesse and patience.  

For any online entrepreneurs engaging in social networking for the promotional purposes there are 3 common sense rules they will need to apply.

Get Social

Do not attempt to wade into discussions being held at any of these online communities and start promoting your goods and services. You will first have to make acquaintances with others and even partake in the discussions being held. These are sites created for the purpose of being online gatherings where people can socialize and not for the purpose of marketing. Although your business may be your priority, make no mistake, it is not important to others. In fact if anyone at these sites is even going to listen to or look at anything you may have to offer it is only because they are familiar with you. This means your initial focus must be on meeting people and making friends.  


Make your exchanges and/or interactions meaningful or beneficial for those you come in contact with. Give value in your comments, quotes and advice! This will help you to get noticed more quickly!

Connect with Niche Experts/Authorities

Remember, social networking is NOT limited to just sites created for this means! You work in a community/niche so take advantage and reach out there as well! Connect with authority figures within your niche and then also locate and connect with them at any online social networking sites they may be involved in. What this will do is expand your network while also helping you to develop a relationship with some of the key figures within your niche.

Low Key Your Promotional Efforts

Do not make your marketing intentions overly obvious or you will be viewed as insincere and therefore ignored. By continuously being overly flagrant with your promotional efforts you will turn people off and away! Maintain a subtle approach in this area and be mindful of the fact that you will need to continue ‘nurturing’ relationships as well!

When done correctly, your social network marketing efforts can produce some fantastic results for your business. It is always important to recognize and remember that these online communities are based upon socializing with other members and not ‘attacking’ them with sales pitches. Online entrepreneurs need to be mindful of the 3 common sense rules we discussed above and NOT make their marketing efforts an obvious priority. By using a little tact and maintaining your patience there is no reason you can’t make online social networking a productive component of your overall promotional strategy!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. For more tips about social network marketing and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques visit:http://affiliatequickstart.com/

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