3 “Great Myths” of Personal Development (And How to Truly Be Free)


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  1. dddbflrlfavotlq says:

    she talks like Tolle Buddhists, Oprah and other New Agers…human is sinful sank in sin and dirt. Bible is the only way. There is no self-development only Bible. 

  2. dddbflrlfavotlq says:

    this woman is evil…nothing is true…how about Jesus and the sin we are born? we are born dirty and sinful and the wrath of God is upoon us…the only salavation is submitting to Jesus
    who will spare us if we give our life to him. Personal growth is a technique of the Antichrist and the democrats to trap the real Christians.

  3. tzmicr says:

    hi katie wonderful info i really never thought it the way you put it but its so true everything is well and everyone is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!! we just get trained either postive or negative and we can change being negative anytime we decide too very good thank you.

  4. balehater says:

    I’m def gonna spread this video through my twitter and facebook.

  5. balehater says:

    I’m impressed, you don’t sugar coat anything here. You’re real as fuck lol.

  6. PersonalGrowthTv says:

    Fantastic video Katie!

  7. 57val87 says:

    Just realizing this helped me through sobriety

  8. humanyoda says:

    Fruits and vegetables don’t have enough for humans to be healthy.

  9. humanyoda says:

    Oh, you’ve noticed that too? I was going to suggest to Katie that she consider gaining maybe 15 or 20 pounds of muscles and fat. Her arms look like she’s escaped from a German concentration camp recently. Otherwise, she is very beautiful.

  10. XAnairdaX says:

    You dicribeded it perfect!!!!!!

  11. SOCRATES012 says:

    You are so beautiful and intelligent. Life is amazing! You reminded me of that so BIG SMILES!!!

    Peace and Love to all

  12. jsrolla66 says:

    wonderful! Personal Growth for me is your own truth finding it’s way into your life and whispering clues for the future and it’s truths to come.

  13. PocketTunalls says:

    awesome vid!! thanks!

  14. PocketTunalls says:

    @EmeterioBetances whats wrong with you? this is a great video.

  15. LionKingWorldWide says:

    Right on!!!!

  16. ScottLaDoucer says:

    Very inspiring, Thank YOU! I continue to see validation of what happens when we align ourselves with source and inner being. I Love the definition you have placed upon Personal Development. As in nature, we are in a constant state of becoming, growing. Gaining the deepest insights into where we are “right now” in this “MicroMoment” is truly the best way to know how to take the next step in our journey of Self Discovery. Thanks again Katie…You are a precious part of All That Is! 🙂

  17. mariomayorale says:

    personal growth means to me be able to have the equilibrium (balance) between mind, body and soul. i think the same as u said that we are not what we got (things, cars, money possetions etc.) we are in fact what we are!!!

    i just ve startes to what ur videos today and i really like them u do great the way u talk i feel it to be truth!!! as my father some day told me dont think men,,, FEEL!!!

    we keep in touch bye

  18. EmeterioBetances says:

    Do you have an anorexia problem? to fit into the ideal of what beauty looks like? That of you have another problem I already now.

  19. TheNickHaubner says:

    Hey this was posted on my Birthday! 🙂  Thanks Katie, great message.

  20. robramos24 says:

    Katie, fantastic message. My own Personal Journey of Self Development has allowed me to look at myself and really think about what I want from life, and how I need to grow to get there. Thanks for posting this video.

  21. FreedomQuestTrainer says:

    Hey, Katie! My WHY in life is to “Experience Freedom”— Freedom in ALL areas of my existence. I desire to provide Honest & Relevant solutions that Inspire & Transform others to create a Life of Freedom for themselves. Awesome video! Thank You!

  22. AmberKeinath says:

    Always great information Katie! Jealous that you got to spend time in Costa Rica! I agree that some people really think personal development is only for those who have something wrong with them! You have a lot a great tips! Thanks for the video!

  23. Torulv says:

    First you need to look up “primitive culture”, it actually has a significant meaning for what I’m describing. Second, judging from your reply you probably know less than me about how to define an valid argument.

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