3 – Day Seminar Worth $3,500 FREE

3 – Day Seminar Worth ,500 FREE

Article by Chin M C

My good friend and multi millionaire Joel Therien just announced something INCREDIBLE!!

Ok let me explain, Joel is putting on a 00 three day workshopseminar and workshop at their Data center headquarters in San Antonio Texas..and guess what.. you can actually attend for FREE

Here is the deal..Joel has made his millions by selling ALL the toolsthat any person online NEEDS online to become successful..

I think that we can all agree that we ALL need..

>> Unlimited Domain Reseller Hosting (blog hosting too)

>> A professional auto responder and CRM software to build a MASSIVE money making list..

>> Professional video streaming and storage services as most people prefer to watch a video now then to read long sales copy

>> Professional conferencing and web casting software to promote your products and or opportunity to the masses anywhere in the world from the comfort of home!

Now.. these services in the marketplace cost:>> Unlimited reseller hosting .00 to a month>> Pro auto responder and list builder a month>> Pro video hosting and streaming 0 a month>> Web casting and conferencing .00 a monthTotal elsewhere.. a minimum of 9.00 a month

Ok no hype so far right…Can we agree that all the tools you need online would cost you a minimum of 9.00 a month??

Now, what if I told you you could get ALL these services in one convenient location with one login for only 9.40 a YEAR Yes not per month.. but per YEAR!! WOW..

ok..Please keep following me here just for another minute or so…

Now what if you could get these products ALL of them for 9.40 per year AND attend a three day seminar where Joel and a few other high end speakers will..

Teach you everything you need to know on how to truly build a multi million dollar income from home! And you can attend this SEMINAR for FREE..

This is not a “sales pitch” seminar..

This is 3 days of great content and FUN!!Well.. I know this sounds like a “no brainer” deal and it is..

To get all the information on what is being offered please go see this video that Joel did..

It explains everything in detail.. heck he is even offering a totally ridiculous Guarantee, he will give you every red cent at the seminar after day one if you are not totally blown away!!

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