22 Hours to Being Better Business People with Jonathan Budd

Website: www.annettapowellonline.com www.gainfinancialfreedomtoday.com Facebook www.facebook.com Tweet me twitter.com I just met some new friends from Nigeria! I asked them why they wanted to attend this event! Jonathan traveled 22 hours to learn strategies and techniques to build himself from the inside out! He wants to make an impact in his home country with everything he’s learned. Also meet Steven, who wanted to be here to develop himself and to make it happen with the information he’s received. Meet Karol who’s learned so much about improving and becoming more. Miriam knows there are no limits to moving her business to the next level and to allow her beliefs to impact the world. They came all the way from Nigeria… If you live in the USA, what excuse do you have for NOT being here? Ireally hope you enjoyed this video! Hopefully, this video will be helpful to you. Please feel free to comment and please pass this on to your friends, and to your contacts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as anyone else that comes to mind! Take care! For more information, go to www.annettapowellonline.com .
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