2013 Boise St. Roster Review: Part 5b – The Recruiting Class (defense)

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) Part 5 in a series covering the Boise St. 2013 Roster. This episode covers…
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  1. Ibrahim Ouhdida says:

    I think Ricky will excell as well!! he is a BEAST

  2. pjohn56 says:

    Great to see the homeland support Arjen. Both of them could have break out seasons this year, particularly Boldewijn.

  3. Arjen Muit says:

    Netherlands here.. also watching the series.
    Supporting my 2 home boys who used to play at my club.
    Go Geraldo and Ricky!!!! Go Broncos!!!!

  4. a2dope says:

    great job!

  5. pjohn56 says:

    Thanks man, glad to be reaching Bronco fans from all over. We’ve been getting some of our best basketball talent from The Land Down Under, so we definitely appreciate the Aussie fans. Great to hear from you and very glad you enjoyed this video.

  6. bazwaa007 says:

    Forget to say I’m in Australia so your vid has gone international:)

  7. bazwaa007 says:

    This was cool thank you. Can’t believe only 2 schools recruited Mat Boesen. He’s a freak and will be the biggest missed opportunity by other colleges. Awesome that the Broncos signed him up as this kid is gonna light up the place.

  8. pjohn56 says:

    Tyrel, thanks for your very thoughtful comment. Labor of Love is a very good way of describing it lol. I am glad you got a lot of enjoyment and info out of this video and am very excited to hear the annotation system helped so much. That is exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks again Tyrel, that was very uplifting.

  9. Tyrel Simpson says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. It took me three days to get through it all, but your use of annotations made it very easy to find where I fell asleep. By far the most organized youtube video I’ve ever seen. Great content, I learned so much from it.  Again thank you, this is truly a labor of love when you put this much work into something that only 50 – 100 people may see and appreciate ever.

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