2012 January Fitness Challenge – Day 5

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  1. YunasFavouriteAeon94 says:

    Please make an xtube account and just get naked

  2. Pokemongo1 says:

    Can’t believe this guy is actually suggesting to NOT eat carbohydrates. What an absolute idiot. The best and most successful bodybuilders/Olympians and even generally built men ALL eat complex carbohydrates.

    Surviving on only meat is part of the Dukan diet which should ONLY be used for 2-3 weeks.

    This guy is virtually preaching no-carbs and giving unhealthy diet advice with no education or evidence behind it.

  3. heydaisy612 says:

    what? weirdo.

  4. FO. Ecothery says:

    okey what is up with that girl

  5. FO. Ecothery says:

    this is my first time with you bro and gota ask you if you think the sheake weightrely works

  6. tiffany10184 says:

    Happy Birthday Sawyer!!!!

  7. CazyFez says:

    Nice Body (:

  8. amorvincitomniART says:

    @exonusgod thank you, I thought I was going crazy. PEOPLE, you NEED CARBS, sugars, starches (in grains) (complex carbs to keep you fuller longer) and fruits and veggies for vitamins and so much else! Meat is the worst thing for your body, especially the way it’s processed in america. There are so many toxins and carcinogens in meat that get absorbed into your body and bloodstream and tissues, eventually causing colon cancer and other cancers of the digestive tract. Especially if you’re not eati

  9. TheBibibaba says:

    Carbohydrates are nessary for your body! I excersice alot,and everytime i dont eat carbs, i nearly faint or partially die.

  10. babybott330 says:

    “If you like to read, just go walk somewhere.” Does not compute. 

  11. StartOfANewStory says:

    Um… are those like… leaves or something?

    i kinda get it. Everything looks more official with little leaves around it.

  12. makemepretty123 says:

    they are diamonds

  13. bullbrooke says:

    u only eat carbs if u burn them off!

  14. bullbrooke says:

    i’m a pole dancer 🙂 thats my type of exercise 🙂

  15. Alice Montgomery says:

    thank you sooo much!! will do

  16. nut2611 says:

    hi..i eat oat biscuit and chocolate milk..i drink lotsss of water..i just gave white rice for 1 month now..people start noticing change alrdy and i dont even exercise..=) i dont eat snacks..if i crave for sumthing i just eat wholemeal crackers..hope that help..let me know ya!

  17. exonusgod says:

    I completely disagree with you diet statements, YOU NEED CARBS!!!! you need protein, and you need sugars, alpha and beta glucose are the main base for alot of structures in your body my god, you need fruit and veg, they all contain what you need to live, and to developpe muscle mass and strength…… !!!!!!!!!!! You cannot supplement your daily intake of vitamins with just pills, you need the verity of sugars, vitamins, minerals and fiber in fruit and veg….

  18. KyraIsFunny14 says:

    wow telling my to stop learning by reading to go exercise, excercise is greatbut not as great as reading #brains beats bronze

  19. jlopes20815 says:

    I am an exercise science major, minor in nutrition, and brown rice is GREAT to eat. just don’t eat white rice, but you should never avoid brown rice. your body and stomach WANT the brown rice, because brown rice/whole grains/etc are full in vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. Keep eating healthy, and stay away from white processed rice/pasta/etc!

  20. KTxWORLDWIDE says:

    Your comment made me laugh =] I think you can eat all of that just not so much it just needs to be balanced

  21. funkymonkeyx2 says:

    probely not but i think the go to like almost there

  22. UchihaItachiSakura says:

    You need some carb to exercise! No carb = no energy

  23. TeamJennyCooke says:

    I was eating a bowl of brown rice and when he said “you can’t eat rice” I froze..

  24. katieoneillmusic says:

    ohh well there is my answer 🙂

  25. XXxroisinx123 says:

    i doesnt look like it there ..but he said in some video they were and showed them there pretty cool:)

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