3. I thought for a second i was going gay there…nothing wrong with that
    though!!! but man my life has been a roller coaster of emotions…since
    thinking with heart…i really didnt want this but it came on me…maybe
    this is what i needed to do to release the karma??? who knows…and peace!!!

  4. I agree with you as far as people are capable of loving others. What we
    seem to forget though,are the many personallity disorders like for
    instance: malignant narcissism…..very hard to recognize at start because
    those people are perfect manipulators who are experts in making you believe
    they are thinking and feeling just like you,while they’re only looking for
    narcissistic supply

  5. Astrology-Both born on 21st both Air/Water cusps and both have water
    rising(ascendant)-gives both strongly individual characters with
    adventurous sides with deeply caring and compassionate natures.Ron’s
    Lady-Sun 1 degree in Pisces(3rd house) on Aq cusp with Scorpio Rising and
    Leo Moon(8th house).Ron Libra Sun(in 4th house)Cancer Rising Virgo Moon(in
    3rd house).Moon sign compatibility-Ron’s moon more analytical and practical
    and Ron’s Lady’s Moon more Creative Dramatic and emotionally sensitive.

  6. besides that,one person can’t fulfill all your desires and expectations.
    With some of my lady friends I have a great spiritual connection while with
    a man the physical aspect is very important….although spiritual contact
    makes it much more fulfilling of course:)

  7. Astrological compatibility certainly helps and it used to be taken into
    account along with a persons vibrational frequency in many cultures but in
    the end we choose who we are and can move within the astrological
    spectrum.Loved what you said about spiritual relationships taking us

  8. That’s the whole challenge. Meeting the rare individual who thinks and
    feels like you do. I use to be an astrology fanatic. I learned about
    personalized astrology. I tried to judge people who I met according to
    their personalized horoscope. Minor characteristics matched their
    personalities. The problem is that there is choice. People who have
    potential for a strong relationship or friendships don’t make the effort. I
    became a skeptic of astrology since then. Astrology is for tracking space.

  9. Me: October 21, 1946, 10:19 pm; Suffern, NY, USA Her: February 21, 1959;
    1:06 (I think*) am; Montreal, Quebec, Canada *She told me these things,
    again, last night; but I’m not always good at remembering details. I know
    hers was early am and mine is late pm. She’s not home right now, and, like
    me, does not have a cell phone.

  10. over these past three years…i think im becoming a woman!!! i have went
    from macho angry and fearful to heart thinking and emotional…i have no
    idea and never wanted it but its cool…sometime i think i might be gay!!!
    cause of im so damn emotional and shit!!! oh well…

  11. Pisces sun; Sagitarius Moon & Capricorn rising woman here & I am in a
    realationship with a Libra Man. You guys are great btw 🙂 we have
    struggled on& off for 34 yrs … Only 22 of those together… But now we
    are doing better than ever. I think my spiritual development has been
    important in me becoming a whole person who is not NEEDing much from
    another. I WANT to share my life with my libra man. Our grand daughter
    calls us by one name : NanaBoppa.

  12. Do we forget, or are we making a choice to love unconditionally? Yes, there
    are those that we can only love from afar. The choice is ours to make. Love
    is always stronger than fear. There is no defense against Love.

  13. Its great to hear you have found a better balance of masculine/feminine
    energies-all that macho stuff is so 3d!.Its going to be interesting to see
    how energy shift affects relationships,like you i am only now interested in
    the one.Joyful wishes.

  14. Now I feel like expressing my opinions about some of those things – as a
    service mainly to myself. 😉 – “any two people …” – yes, still I don’t
    know how to “meet” those prerequisites. – First you are illusioned, then
    you can become disillusioned. – “solo sex” is not sex. It may guarantee,
    that you can get a minimum of what you want, but is missing some important
    aspects of sex. The individual is too much isolated in that setting. It may
    not work at all if you lost hope for “the real thing”…

  15. You made me laugh today Ron thank you!.Interesting…having studied
    astrology its interesting you are both air/water cusps!,this will bring
    much compatibility within who you both are and your self expression (my son
    is aquarius/pisces cusp and has always been so loving compassionate
    spiritual) but i wonder what her moon sign is as moon is our deep inner
    emotional self and venus & mars signs are important in relationships too.I
    can work these out or can get free birth/relationships charts online.

  16. I noticed while listening that you tube was suggesting I watch “Customizing
    the A-R15 Rifle”.:) I imagine that was prompted by the title “Fatal
    Attraction.”……..oh well…..

  17. Expectations are nothing more than premeditated resentments. Love from your
    heart not your head, and you will have no need for those expectations.

  18. Thank u ron…always a pleasure to listen to ur videos…and since i have
    been in heart thinking i have no need or urge for sex….its weird…its
    like i dont care until i meet my twin soul…when in head(s) thinking i
    thought about sex all the time…now…women dont even impress me…unless
    i see that one!!! but the bible too is a very good astrology book…but now
    heart thinking…it seems ive become more feminem….its weird…

  19. I don’t know,Ron, I,ve been observing all kinds of intimite relations from
    nearby..”perfect”astrological matches,common interests and values etc . In
    many cases it still didn’t work. I think that analizing and rationalyzing
    is the worst to do because,although it might look comfortable, there’s also
    that certain emptiness. To me between a man and a woman it’s about
    attraction which doesn’t have to be fatal. Very important: NEVER take
    eachother for granted by getting boring and unattractive

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