2 Tips To Unblock Your Energy For Increased Clarity And Creativity

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  1. hilarybassak says:

    Your message is very clear and very empowering. It’s funny how people criticise when they see something very special. I too love your ideas and your presentation

  2. TheShiloh459 says:

    What is the first point? Speak your truth now? I’ve listened twice and still am not sure. It’s not clear at all.

  3. ThePickles369 says:

    Love your ideas especially TIO. Well done. I too have a major decision to make but sometimes it is useful not to act straight away and let the mind settle.The answers will come to you.

  4. upgradereality says:

    How many of these views are only because she’s hot? (no offense katie)

  5. lxtazl says:

    Hard to follow you, or any of your videos, because the information is poorly projected in a disruptive order; your main idea is distributed somewhere in the midst of all the stories. Your ideas are good, but the stories comes off as tangential filler fluff unless you clearly state the main idea first!
    Aka why are you telling us this story now: to further explain your main idea, or just to let us know a story? (It comes off as 2, when it should be 1.) Order of information matters!

  6. nuwanda3333 says:

    you’re so beautiful..

  7. Serendipitous1971 says:

    Thank you very much for all your works 🙂 Peace and bless 🙂

  8. HamzaVids says:

    will you marry me ?

  9. 1963Sylvie says:

    ok got it ! touch it once…..Unclog my daily life!! that’s it, thanks…clear the air and leave way for my energy to flow !!

  10. TreasuredHarte says:

    just get to the point

  11. MRGavin11 says:

    Thanks Katie for the information. Keep it up 🙂

  12. willen3625 says:

    Young Lady! I love your energy! You are like a good book! I can’t stop watching and learning from your words! Please keep making these vid’s! 🙂

  13. Kelvin702 says:

    I wish I watched this sooner, the “touch it once” principle was worth learning. Thanks again Katie.

  14. MoShoww says:

    I so much like your smile… Damn… 😀

  15. cobhc7568 says:

    you, are so hot! wow

  16. CustomSoundsTT says:

    I agree with this comment but have a problem with a few. But I guess that is in more detail. good job we can chat soon.

  17. joosttbsspeedy says:

    hello im from holland nice clip

  18. US1ban says:

    good. very good. thanks!

  19. 4realrenee says:

    Thank you, you are great!!

  20. guitarsz says:

    You’re the best. Thanks!

  21. shorticon40 says:

    Katie you spoke to my soul! This is exactly what I’m currently struggling with in my life. Thanks so much for passing on your insights.

  22. Alnes3 says:

    I can tell by the way you’re radiating so much magnetic energy, that you know exactly what you’re talking about. I like what you’ve said. All of it.

    I can also tell that you are going places… and you are exactly where you are meant to be right now.(or at least when you posted this vid)

    Keep doing what you’re doing… It’s great!

    Thanks Katie

    God Bless

  23. GeraldGigerl says:

    You´re so inspired Katie, studying successful people that are where you want to be, or simply working with them, will have an enormous impact on our life

  24. pennymcmahan8 says:

    Loved this! My sister told me about you so of course I just HAD to check it out. Just wanted to let you know that this video helped me make a decision in my life that I have been putting off because it was more difficult to deal with than to just continue with the “safe” road. Thanks so much!!! VERY inspirational.

  25. suqdeez says:

    Touch it once. I like that. Definitely something that could apply for everyone. I can already sense the wonders it’ll do for our energy and clarity.

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