15k Formula and Empower Network

http://easypay.workwithtanisha.com/ Do companies offer a formula for people to make it to 000 a month? See the insights of how it can be possible to make…
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  1. Travis Bruce-Triber says:

    But what do you do. Im confused. Just blog daily?

  2. Tanisha Adjo says:

    did you watch the video?

  3. Travis Bruce-Triber says:

    Is it MLM?

  4. Tanisha Adjo says:

    call me sign up for $25 and call me

  5. Travis Bruce-Triber says:

    What do you do?

  6. Alecia Stringer says:

    Awesome goals Tanisha! Let’s do it!

  7. Tanisha Adjo says:


  8. Travis Bruce-Triber says:

    How do you/What do you get paid for?

  9. Tanisha Adjo says:

    Thanks Alecia

  10. Travis Bruce-Triber says:

    yes I did but I dont understand where the money comes in, the work and how
    to improve and make more.

  11. Tanisha Adjo says:

    Yes blog daily advertise daily do videos and get people to sign up

  12. Tanisha Adjo says:

    Vemma808 empower

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