12inchSkinz Rane TTM57 magnetic removable skin demo: Dj Kartel

12inchSkinz brings you the new re positionable and portable faceplate skinz for the Rane TTM57SL. Leave your mixer at home but take your customized skin with you. This skin can be installed in just a few seconds which makes it perfect for the touring Dj on the go. These skinz do not use a permanent water based adhesive but are made from a .60mm thick material with magnetic properties. There is just enough magnetic attraction to hold skin to faceplate without interfering with internal magnetic line and cross faders. The anti-reflective, micro texture laminate make these skinz extremely durable and offer the same feel and look as the original faceplate decal. available at: www.12inchskinz.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. luckdaman says:

    do you guys supply to the UK?

  2. WadeWestTv says:

    actually pretty dope..

  3. Asshamburgers says:

    Excellent. I sold my TTM57SL for a Pioneer DJM-800, any chance of a custom printed magnet for that one?.

  4. Jus4FunPro says:

    12Inch Skinz is the way to get your DJ gear personalized fast. They can make your grafix if you don’t have any in mind. Kartel can hook it up the boys got skillz.Now I need to get one of these magnetized covers. Keep up the sick work.

  5. drukenhard says:

    Damn….that makes me want to buy a TTM57 even more!

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