09 How a magnet physically attracts another

www.lulu.com www.amazon.com youstupidrelativist.com youstupidrelativist.com Quantum Mechanics proposes that the Universe is entirely made of particles. One phenomenon this religion fails to ‘predict’ is fields. If fields are made of particles, how do two magnets attract one another? How does the gravitational ‘field’ of the Earth keep you glued to the ground? The reason Quantum Mechanics has failed and will continue to fail to incorporate gravity (attraction) is that discrete particles have no rational way of explaining the force of PULL. With the Rope Hypothesis, things simplify enormously. The mystical ‘field’ that Faraday studied 180 years ago consists of threads that are swung around by spinning rows of atoms. With this hypothesis we can finally give a physical interpretation to attraction and repulsion. www.youstupidrelativist.com
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  1. justintempler says:

    @bgaede “WHAT it was that was swinging: the threads.”

    There are no threads, your threads are your god.

  2. gorbea1994 says:

    @bgaede you won. Nuff said.

  3. Xero555000 says:

    @bgaede you draw something and call it a table? i call it a picture of a table

  4. Xero555000 says:

    @bgaede i’m talking YOUR nonsense…

    quote mine coming up

  5. bgaede says:

    6. Nevertheless, a magnetic field is not something, but ‘something that is moving’. ‘A’ magnetic field is a movie of an object in motion. ‘A’ magnetic field is said to cause a force, a movement of ‘charges’, effects…
    It is when we stop the movie and look at each frame that we finally realize WHAT it was that was swinging: the threads.

  6. bgaede says:

    5. ‘A’ field is like ‘a’ shadow. ‘A’ field is not an object because ‘it’ does not stand alone. A table does not need any other objects. It has shape all on its own. There is no such thing as a magnetic field without a magnet. You can’t draw a magnet with ‘a’ field around it and later erase the magnet. What is left is NOT ‘a’ field. And you certainly can’t bring ‘a’ field to the conference and leave the magnet at home.

  7. bgaede says:

    4. “a field is an object, because it has both shape and location”
    There is no requirement for location in the definition of object. So, you should learn to read before talking nonsense.

  8. bgaede says:

    3. It is in the religion of Math where the listener has to strain his mind. The mathematician draws a dot, calls it ‘point’, but asks you to interpret ‘location’ or ‘number’ or ‘ordered pair’.

  9. bgaede says:

    2. “the ability to understand what the picture represents is up to the observer”
    In Science, we represent neither objects nor concepts with other objects. In Science, it is straight forward. If you draw something and call it ‘table’, for the rest of the prez, the word ‘table’ will refer to what you drew. There is nothing to interpret.

  10. bgaede says:

    1. “you can draw a picture of anything”
    Yes! No exceptions! What you can’t draw is a picture of what is not a thing: a concept. That’s what separates the men from the mice. It’s easy to determine what is an object and what is a concept. The test is to draw what the proponent calls ‘it’!

  11. Xero555000 says:

    @bgaede you have no imagination, blame that on your communist retardation, not the scientific establishment you spic

  12. Xero555000 says:

    @bgaede you can draw a picture of anything, the ability to understand what the picture represents is up to the observer, it’s irrational by your definition. Also by your definition, a field is an object, because it has both shape and location

  13. Xero555000 says:

    @bgaede 3… ?

    Oh right you’re dodging the question

  14. bgaede says:

    2. “you have a poor imagination”
    Great! Imagine ‘energy’ for us! Please SHOW the crowd a picture of ‘energy’ anywhere on the Internet and flaunt YOUR imagination!

  15. bgaede says:

    “definition of irrational… it’s completely subjective… has no place in science”
    What’s subjective about it? Either you can draw a picture of ‘energy’ or you can’t. It’s black or white, on or off, yes or no! if you cannot draw a picture of ‘energy’ or even imagine its shape, then clearly you cannot treat ‘energy’ as an object in the next sentence and say that you ‘transferred energy’. Sorry that this spoils your party…

  16. Xero555000 says:

    I looked at your definition of irrational, and it’s completely subjective and therefore has no place in science. You’re blaming the establishment because you have a poor imagination? Please. Explain Newton’s cradle now…

  17. JoakimfromAnka says:

    …how do they work?

  18. bgaede says:

    ¨Please draw one of your supposed ropes¨
    billgaede.hubpages com/hub/Einsteins-Idiots-7

  19. iMISSFlutterVision says:

    PPOV COUG5:16


  20. iMISSFlutterVision says:

    Who is Rowan Atkinson and about the cholesterol LSD levelS…

  21. iMISSFlutterVision says:


  22. iMISSFlutterVision says:

    …Continued ! That was missing as indeffinerantly my stomach is crowlling from the tunnel of the air that my muscles are squeezing and twisting[?!X2] to the left I got to POT.ty

  23. iMISSFlutterVision says:

    …Or @QuantumChance & @bgaede we can just simply listen to the sound is being created on the keyboard!

  24. QuantumChance says:

    “Please draw one, bean brain! Or point to a picture of one on the Internet.”
    -Please draw one of your supposed ropes, bean brain? lol
    “I mean, if you don’t understand the diff b/w an object and a concept…”
    -I was going to say the same for your own silly ‘rope’ argument
    ” I think I’ll have another beer”
    Your problem is becoming clear to me.
    “You stated your priest’s opinion, you moron!”
    -you’ve stated a lunatics opinion and can only defend yourself with strawmen, non-sequiturs and ad hominem

  25. bgaede says:

    6. “I’m just stating my opinion”
    You stated your priest’s opinion, you moron!
    Go back to Wonderland. You don’t have the brains for this kinda stuff, Quantum. And change your name to LastChance. Okay?
    “I didn’t have to call anyone an ‘idiot’ to do it!”
    Tell that to your bishops…
    youstupidrelativist com/Ridicule/01Rid html

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