★ WoW Instance – Heroic Tol’vir guide! TTB + TGN

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  1. 6pointwally says:

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  2. garlandiaz says:

    Thanks for the help! howtoebooks . info showed me how to hack vending machines to get free drinks and snacks!! 😀

  3. Featherspell says:

    TheTarionBesbald best tgn guy EVAR!……ever!……ever?..EVAR!!

  4. Muffinsformen says:

    lol priorities recount over mage XD

  5. Skyrift says:

    I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink booze or coffee!
    (…or both.)

  6. takisg84 says:

    Hello guys. I found an incredibly good leveling guide that you could level from 1-85 in only Ten days!!!Check it!

  7. Lolzer626 says:

    have at thee, wild beast!

    lol, dunno why but i just laughed so hard at that moment

  8. TheTarionBesbald says:

    Who of the two expendable ones? 😉

  9. totallyautomatic0 says:

    you let your healer get raped on the gator boss >.>

  10. CARN1V0R says:

    Never trust a sober tank!

  11. tralese says:

    Great video.
    Quick question though: How did you manage to remove the party menu? I use grid also, and would prefer to only have that, but I couldn’t find in xperl and option to remove the party menu. any help there would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Silmarieni says:

    Wouldn’t go so far as naming it a guide.
    More like TTB’s excellent (drunken) adventure

  13. stry423 says:

    do you mean Towelliee? how could you forget??

  14. ice163 says:

    You are a more humble person than that other tank guy..the pally one(forgot his name). For skills are easy to learn in time but attitude you cannot. It’s good that TGN have people like you. I’m also a warrior tank, and I agree that your tanking instincts is far superior than me. 😛

  15. thefuzzylord says:

    do it while on drugs….. and while humbing an asian teen id watch that lol

  16. SuicideSeazon says:

    10:17……. kill the crocidiles.. quickly…quickly guys.. wake up…. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??…. LMAO

  17. Dimal427 says:

    Dude are you Roger Sjunneson from gothenburg sweden? you sound exactly just like him and his a metalhead and i suppose he use to be drunkXD

  18. Kashbrar says:

    I liked watching a warrior tank pov but your commentery was awful.

  19. jekcheck says:

    ahhh phat looch <#

  20. TeamDriftAlliance says:

    Whats your guild name again? My friend alan just downed nef yesterday to.

  21. wakenwill says:

    got so much enjoyment outta this, lol cracking up whole time and great guide!

  22. RexTauri says:

    omfg alliance !!! only go horde plox

  23. Benjamin H says:

    Are you from Germany? I think it sounds like a German accent (I’m from Germany too 😀 )

  24. Christopher Giligin says:

    I thought TTB was Total Biscut

  25. TheTarionBesbald says:

    Thank you!

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