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  1. KLamki1 says:

    @darthvader7888 Anybody with sense won’t miss TOR staying P2P, the game is a disgrace to the memory of the Kotor series. The gameplay is dull, camera angle is too far away from the player character and don’t get me started on the models themselves… the bodies look way unrealistic. The only thing good is the cutscenes and I have watched them, very disappointed with the endings. Sith Inquisitor was good but not great, glad I didn’t waste my cash on MMO trash… I’ll wait for BF3 or Kotor3.

  2. SSBBaddict says:

    @darthvader7888 oh i know that. why would a company (even one like WoW with over a billion? subscribers) make it full free to play? they would lose a ton of money due to subscription costs. but a trial would be good for SWTOR, or a small f2p section like wow has. Just enough to make people want more but also just enough to get the hang of the game and test if it even runs well one one’s computer.

  3. Iloveyogscast1 says:

    @metalfenix11 either way it means free-to-play

  4. Iloveyogscast1 says:

    @metalfenix11 srry forgot f2p fail

  5. darthvader7888 says:

    Yeah, only until level 20. It had a free trial before. Doesn’t mean WoW is f2p. The best parts are of WoW still P2P. SWTOR will probably have a free trial later on, maybe even first 10-20 levels free like WoW, but it’s never gonna go f2p.

  6. SSBBaddict says:

    @darthvader7888 thats what they said about World of Warcraft and now it has a f2p thing

  7. darthvader7888 says:

    Face it people, SWTOR’s never going F2P.

  8. kingcory10 says:

    i wouldent want the entire game ftp but 1 or 2 days of like a trial would be nice just to see if your comp could handle it and to see if you would like it

  9. metalfenix11 says:

    @Iloveyogscast1 whats ftp??

  10. Iloveyogscast1 says:

    @metalfenix11 y u no ftp? 🙁 push me and then just touch me … wait sry got carried away any ways 🙁 y u no ftp?

  11. killer247able says:

    @ratedwolf666 no

  12. ratedwolf666 says:

    Its free?

  13. slipper329 says:

    @Sarnius26 Im not a retard you little cunt and the only reason I can’t afford it is because I was made redundant during the recession, so shut the fuck up on this you don’t know about i never said they owe me anything you TWAT so fuck off and dnt comment back because your just a naive little cunt and id rather not waste my time on little CUNTS like you.

  14. bighova09 says:

    Great video. Wish these people would stop using it as a venting forum though. All the name calling makes you guys look really ignorant regardless of what your talking about

  15. thehomieknight112 says:


  16. Sarnius26 says:

    @slipper329 Are you fucking retarded? What are you a beggar you piece of shit, if you can’t afford A GAME(THAT’S WHAT YOU DO, YOU BUY GAMES) then that’s your fault and noone elses. Bioware’s a top-notch developer, not some indie shit, THEY PRODUCE TRIPLE A TITLES RETARD. They don’t owe you shit. Fucking beggar, fuck off.

  17. slipper329 says:

    @Sarnius26 actually the people who should be thinking about it is Bioware, if they really fred about people experiencing their games and not just trying to grab loads of money off people then they would make an exclusive account where you pay once a month and a free account, they will get tons of money just from people buying it in the first place, think about dragon age 2 that sucked compared to origins, but they just wanted a money project and it failed because the game is shit,

  18. slipper329 says:

    @Sarnius26 actually the people who should be thinking about it is bioware, if there really cared about the

  19. Sarnius26 says:

    @slipper329 If YOU can’t afford it then YOU shouldn’t be even THINKING about it, that’s YOUR problem, noone elses.

  20. slipper329 says:

    @Sarnius26 for your information you fucking CUNT i can’t and I’m dam certain there are others out there who can’t either and I’m not a retarded stop being so naive you ucking little dick head.

  21. slipper329 says:

    @ConsoleCrusader263 yes you little TWAT i am poor just like billions of other people out there in the world so you can shut the fuck up about that, and obviously they ant sell the game for free they should just have an exclusive membership that has stuff like exclusive weapons or stuff like that so dot comment back coz I’ve got better things to do than read you winey little comments.

  22. RyanRen7 says:

    It’s funny because they don’t need your 15 dollars Sarnius welcome to 2012 bro.

    Though since you said it was his problem you making this way to easy for upcomming mmos.

    I’m outtie oh and currently playing SWTOR not a hater but blind BS is blind BS lol

  23. RyanRen7 says:

    @TheFezzik Question when it comes to gameplay could you actually show me the quest is really effecting what’s being said or you could tell me why your doing the quest yet end up doing what most previous MMOs do I.E those monsters staning there aren’t doing what’s been said yet since it’s story driven you are being told what’s happening in a cutscene so therefore your now able to say what they are doing but can’t show.

    Food for thought 😀

  24. Sarnius26 says:

    @Canadiankiid93 Fucking dumbass retard.

  25. Sarnius26 says:

    @darthvader7888 Agreed :)

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